Top software for students

It's never too early to get prepared. Get ready for school with these top software tools for your computer. Get an A+ in productivity this year!

5 ways a slow cooker can make student life better

When you’re a student living away from home for the first time, it can be difficult to eat regular, nutritious meals. That’s why a slow cooker is an absolute must-have for any student living on or off campus. Here are five ways this handy appliance can make student life better.

Head back to school with High Sierra Backpacks Review

Today I'm reviewing five backpacks from High Sierra to help you find the right one to fit your wants and needs for back to school.

Three coffee recipes you can make without an espresso maker

Espresso makers are a lovely luxury for the kitchen, but you don't need one to enjoy fancy beverages at home. Want proof? Here are three tasty drinks that you can make with a simple drip coffee machine.

Comparing 2 large backpacks for the busy student

Life as a student can be quite demanding. You need to manage your time to accommodate classes, studying, extra curricular activities, a social life, and perhaps a part-time job. You also need to be prepared for each of these activities at any given time, which is why a large capacity backpack is essential. Here are two great options that will help make life easier for any busy student.

Top tablets and 2-in-1 laptops for back to school

A new school year sometimes means the need for new tools and resources, and a tablet or laptop might be first on the list for any student. There’s plenty to choose from, depending on what features you need most.

Cool appliances that will make your dorm room the place to...

Everyone who goes away to school wants to have the cool dorm room, but having the best dorm room is about more than just washi tape covering all your corners and a big chalkboard framed on your walls. Having the cool dorm room is about having a great set up for eating and studying. When school gets stressful you want to be the one to welcome your stressed out friends into a cozy room with all the comforts of home,...

Dorm room essentials for back to school: tech

I’ve put together a list of essential gear for college or university-bound students as they head back to school, and a dorm room or apartment.

3 Smart Home Devices Working Parents Will Love

Stressed about kids going back to school because you're a working parent? There are smart home devices you can use to keep an eye on your kids.

Essentials for every backpack, even for an adult going back to...

Every year back to school shopping time seems to creep up on me so fast, and every year I vow to be more organized and not leave it all until the last minute. This year not only do I have my sons shopping to worry about, but I have my own too since I’ll be heading back to school also. Read on to see what must haves we love to get you through the school year.

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