HP Sprocket photo printer arrives at Best Buy

Share those special moments with the new HP Sprocket photo printer. Print instantly shareable 2 x 3 snapshots and stickers right from your phone.

Review of the HP Envy 7640 wireless inkjet printer

The paperless office is far from a reality, so you’re going to need a printer for a while now. I just bought the HP Envy 7640 All-In-One wireless inkjet printer and have been using it for the past month. Here’s my review on an excellent printer for the money.

How to use your PC and printer to make Halloween decorations

Start the spooky Halloween fun early by creating your own ghoulish decorations. Turn your house into the haunted house of your nightmares (and have a fun time crafting with the kids while you're at it). Here are some ideas to get you started.

How-to get your computer ready for a summer full of kid...

On your mark, get set, GO! Summer is here and the kids are ready to have fun. Time to prepare the applications, accessories and projects that will make your computer a key part of their holiday fun!

3Doodler 2.0 3D Printing Pen Review

Introducing the 3Doodler 2.0 3D Printing Pen! If you’re an early adopter of exciting new technologies, you won’t want to miss today’s review. This pen actually does the unimaginable. It doodles in three dimensions! Click through and read on to learn all of the pertinent details of the 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen. 

What will you do with your first 3D printer?

3D Printing technology has been revolutionized in a few short years. Cost of 3D printers has gone down substantially and they are now quite affordable for consumers to use in their homes or offices. The range of filaments and materials has also expanded so that there are now a variety of colours, textures and shapes. Here are some ideas to get you started on your 3D printing adventures.

How to use your new tech: configure your home for wireless...

Being able to print on demand is a great option. Every home should have a printer, especially when there are students living there (the printing of assignments just never seems to stop). Wireless printing? Even better! Without having to worry about a wired connection, you can put the printer wherever you want and print to it from virtually any device. Here’s how to configure your home for wireless printing.

HP Instant Ink

In a world where we can print virtually anything on demand using the inkjet printer sitting on the desk beside us, what the heck is Instant Ink? The Answer, according to Hewlett-Packard is: “Original HP Ink ordered by your printer, delivered to your door.” Sounds convenient, but according to HP, by signing up for its Instant Ink replacement service, you can also save up to 50 percent compared to what you have been paying to keep your inkjet printer running. Now we’re going from convenient to very interesting. Let’s have a look at the details.

Review: Epson WorkForce ET-4550 EcoTank All-in-One Printer

Printers, even the all-in-one variety, have become more specialized, despite the various functions they provide. Turning out pages of documents isn’t the necessity it once was for consumers and business owners, but like any utilitarian gizmo, a printer may be indispensable to those who need it. Ink has long been the part that has defined the category because of the cost associated with it. Epson is attempting to change all that with ink tanks that will last for up to two years.

5 best printers to take to your dorm room

So you’re off to college or university, leaving home and high school behind for the challenge of post-secondary education. Naturally, you’ll be bringing some gear along with you, like your computer and maybe a stereo, game console or a TV. Don’t forget to include a printer in the mix! If you don’t have one already (or if the one you own has seen better days), I’ve put together a list of 5 of the best printers to take to your dorm room.  

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