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I am a tech expert and journalist with 12 years of experience in trade and consumer tech journalism. I write for a number of technology, business, parenting, family, and lifestyle Websites, blogs, and magazines. A self-professed lover of tech, I'm also a passionate foodie (and aspiring baker), a TV junkie (PVRs rule!), and a proud mother to a toddler-aged son.

Guzzie+Guss Serien Lightweight Stroller Review

guzzie and guss serien lightweight stroller upright
A hands-on look at the guzzie+Guss Serien lightweight stroller, a great stroller for walks with your baby or toddler that can easily pack up for transporting in the trunk of a car, or checking at the airport.

Announcing the Nokia Connected Health Products

nokia smart scale
Withings products are now under the Nokia brand, and there are a number of items available, from smart scales and thermometers, to fitness trackers.

Review: Philips 2000 Series Humidifier

A hands-on review of the Philips 2000 series humidifier, which boasts an attractive design, easy set-up process, and helps add moisture to a dry room within the home

Hands-on Review of the iBaby Airsense Air Monitor and Ionic Purifier

Everyone wants clean air in the home, and that especially goes for your baby's room. The sleek iBaby Airsense air monitor and ion purifier helps rid the air of harmful toxins and allergens, and reports the room's air quality status to you via a smartphone app.

Declutter your bedroom like a pro

step one contemporary 2 door 1 drawer armoire
If you're looking to declutter your bedroom, refreshing its look and allowing for a cleaner, more open space, here are some tips, including a few strategic furniture choice options, and other handy tricks to rid the room of clutter.

The Sonos Playbase has arrived

The Sonos Playbase has arrived at Best Buy, offering complementary sound to a TV that sits on a stand or credenza versus being mounted on the wall; as well as another source of audio for your Sonos whole-home music system.

North Face backpacks now available at Best Buy

North Face backpacks are now available at Best Buy, and with models to suit varying needs, from the commuting student and worker, to the adventure traveller. There's even a model that can not only hold your tech devices, but also charge them!

Do I need different luggage for winter versus summer travel

It's the worst feeling to come home with new luggage only to find that it doesn't meet your specific travel needs? Do you need different luggage based on winter or summer travel? Most important is determining what you want to pack, and considering those small details before heading out to grab a suitable suitcase for your vacation.

Munchkin Galaxy Light Up Foam Playmat review

A foam playmat is just a foam playmat, right? Not necessarily. The Munchkin Galaxy foam playmat adds an interesting twist, providing the standard soft play/tummy time area for a baby or toddler, as well as a centre console that illuminates with 10 different light shows when your little one taps on it, providing hours of sensory fun.

Chicco and Joovy baby gear is back

Chicco and Joovy offer a wide selection of gear for both babies and toddlers, including play yards, car seats, strollers, and high chairs for both the home and on the go, and both brands are back at Best Buy.

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