Is adding a keyboard to a tablet or iPad good enough to replace a laptop for school?
You can feel your wallet trembling when you think about everything you need for back to school. Of course, the biggest expense you’re considering is a laptop. You might need to adapt to remote learning at the drop of a hat, and having a versatile device will help that. But, it is an expensive solution that you may not need to get. Your tablet can already do a lot of what a student needs to do for class. The question is: is adding a keyboard to a tablet or iPad good enough to replace a laptop for school? So how do you determine if it is good enough? Well, here’s a quick overview of the pros and cons of making a tablet your main school device.

Save some money and lighten your load

keyboard to a tabletYour tablet with an added keyboard is going to be lighter and cheaper than an equivalent laptop. Students are already used to transporting their tablet from home to school and back. And the most popular tablet keyboards are also covers for the device, adding protection and lessening the overall storage footprint.

Close but not quite the same

The main drawback on using a tablet in place of a laptop is performance. Your tablet is great at being a tablet, but may have trouble pretending to be a full fledged laptop. And there can be strange software incompatibilities that pop up, like files that should be readable but aren’t. The academic world is configured for full computers, so you might find yourself stuck in an unexpected tablet gap.

The best of both worlds

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

You like the tablet lifestyle. You like the full performance of a laptop. So why not get both in one device? Two-in-one laptops have a touch screen and can be used without a keyboard for those tablet times. And when you want to get down to work, you unfold the keyboard and start typing on your laptop. If you are looking for a brand new device, this may be the right fit for you.

Is adding a keyboard to a tablet or iPad good enough to replace a laptop for school?
Overall, the answer to the question depends heavily on what kind of course work you’re doing. Your graphic design or software programming dreams will be challenging to realize on a tablet.

keyboard to a tabletOn the other hand, humanities courses are easy to manage on a tablet or iPad with a keyboard. I’m of the opinion that you should go for the frugal choice whenever possible. A tablet or iPad with a keyboard can do what the average student needs it to.

You might be feeling a little overwhelmed by the impending return of the school year. That’s okay! We’re all a little overwhelmed right now. You just need to take your time and relax. You can read the great back to school advice from the Best Buy bloggers over at the Back to School section to help you pick out the right gear for you. To find the right back to school laptop, ask the right questions and have some fun with the process.

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