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3 tips for using drones to sell anything

Today I've got a few tips to help you sell just about anything using your drone! Let's face it—we all have too much stuff nowadays, and with spring in the air, it's a perfect time to clean out those cupboards and do a little de-cluttering. While you're at it, why not sell a few of the things you don't use anymore? There are groups on Facebook now dedicated to buying and selling so you might be able to find a...

Should You Get an Electric Bicycle?

Today we ask the question, should you get an electric bicycle? In doing so, we'll explore just what these bikes can do, check out a few fun models, and hopefully answer the big question.

How to choose a BDVD/Blu-ray player

Learn about the latest features and technology as I give you some tips for how to choose a BDVD/Blu-ray Player.

Design the perfect patio on a budget

Patio weather is finally here. Today I'm talking about how you can design the perfect patio on a budget that's beautiful, functional, and doesn't break your bank account.

Best storage solutions for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and 3DS

Games are getting bigger by the day. DLC, add-ons, updates, and 4K assets take up a lot of space. Come check out the best storage solutions that will keep you gaming without interruptions.

Here’s why you should upgrade your refrigerator

There are a lot of great reasons to upgrade your refrigerator. Here's a look at a few reasons you might want to consider that upgrade right now.

myLife Sak laptop bag review

Finding the perfect laptop bag is hard—but the expandable, lightweight, super-versatile myLife Sak makes it easy.

Samsung Galaxy Book 12-inch and 10-inch tablets review

Convertible tablets have had a hard time winning out as 2-in-1 laptop replacements, but Samsung thinks it put together the right combination with its latest Galaxy Books.

Sony STR-ZA2100ES Receiver Review

For the true home theatre enthusiast who takes their movie watching seriously, the Sony STR-ZA2100ES is 7.2 channel premium receiver that provides stunning crystal clear music and cinema like surround.

How to use your phone as a home theatre remote control

Tired of forever searching for lost remotes? Let me show you how to use your phone as a home theatre remote control.

Samsung QLED Q Picture Overview

The Samsung QLED TV uses ground-breaking colour and Direct Full Array technology for the finest picture yet.

To all Star Wars fans, May the 4th be with you!

To Star Wars fans, followers, and enthusiasts everywhere, Best Buy would like to say, May the 4th be with you! Click through to discover several fun ways to celebrate Star Wars Day 2018.

Fitbit Ace Overview

Get kids aged 8+ moving with the Fitbit Ace wristband that tracks steps, activity, & sleep and rewards kids for hitting their goals and meeting milestones.

Fitbit Versa Overview

The Fitbit Versa packs 24/7 heart rate, guided on-screen workouts, phone-free music, apps & notifications and a 4+ day battery—all in one lightweight design.

LG Hi-Res Audio Sound Bars Overview

Enjoy an immersive, enveloping audio experience in the home with LG’s sound bars, including the SK5Y, SK8Y, SK9Y, and SK10Y, all of which support Hi-Res Audio.

D-Link Covr C-1203 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System Overview

Expand the range of your Wi-Fi network with the D-Link Covr mesh system, and improve your connectivity no matter where you roam at home.

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