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World of Final Fantasy Maxima for Xbox One review

World of Final Fantasy Maxima is a melting pot of Final Fantasy lore, featuring classic gameplay with a few new twists too. Check it out now on Xbox One.

Automate the holidays with Smart Lights

Want to bring your holiday decor into 2018? Let me show you how to automate the holidays with smart lights and festive Christmas lighting.

Marley No Bounds Sport and No Bounds XL Speaker Review

Marley has two new speakers: the No Bounds Sport and No Bounds XL. This review breaks down their commonalities while diving into their unique features.

Smart Plugs and Switches Buying Guide

Smart plugs and smart switches are modern devices that add convenience and safety to any home, and you can control easily in multiple ways.

12 Days of Christmas: Day 10 is the ASUS ZenBook S

Day 10 in the 12 Days of Christmas is all about my pick for the best laptop of 2018, the stunning, high performance ASUS ZenBook S.

Top Nintendo 3DS games for the gamer on your list

Looking for that perfect game for the Nintendo 3DS gamer on your holiday shopping list? Then come inside as we look at the top Nintendo 3DS games this year.

Must-have computer accessories for every home

Upgrading your computer setup? This article gives you some ideas for must-have computer accessories that you can select for your home office/computer room.

12 Days of Christmas: Day 9 is the LEGO Harry Potter...

If someone you know loves LEGO, then check out today's choice in our 12 Days of Christmas best gifts of the year—the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall.

Gift ideas for retro gamers on your holiday list

Many gamers are looking for new ways to replay their old favourite games. If you've got a retro gamer on your holiday list, you've come to the right place.

Give the gift of fun, instant photography

Instant photography gifts are a great way to support your loved ones' creativity — while giving them a gift that they can immediately enjoy!

12 Days of Christmas: Day 8 is the Best Smartphone of...

It's the 8th day in our 12 Days of Christmas gift idea list, so consider one of the best smartphones of 2018—the Google Pixel 3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Give the Gift of Smart Home Convenience

If you'd like to give someone the gift of Smart Home convenience this Holiday Season, click through and read on for a few can't miss ideas!

Smart Lights Buying Guide

If you've been considering entering the arena of smart home automation, then this buying guide will help you get started today.

Enter for a chance to win Polk Audio speakers from Best...

Don't miss your opportunity to win great sounding smart speakers from Polk Audio in this fantastic contest from Best Buy.

Enter this contest for a chance to win Fisher-Price baby gear

Fisher-Price has delighted generations of parents and children with their toys and baby gear. Enter this contest for a chance to win a high chair, play mat, and more!

12 Days of Christmas: Day 7 is God of War

It's the 7th day in our 12 Days of Christmas gift idea list. Today's gift idea is 2018's epic game of the year, God of War.

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