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Mélanie Boutin-Chartier
Avid gamer, podcaster and RPG enthusiast, I like sharing my passion for videogames, traveling and eco-friendly living. I've been fortunate to work on M.Net's TV show as an editor before joining the videogame review teams of the late Jouez and Future Shop's blogs. I now spend my time between podcasting with L'Épée Légendaire and blogging on several websites including Best Buy's Branche-Toi. Feel free to follow my streams on Twitch and my feeds on Facebook and Twitter!

Xbox Games Showcase 2024 recap

Many upcoming games were presented at Xbox Games Showcase 2024. These are the ones that caught our attention.

Summer Game Fest 2024 recap

To kick off summer, the Summer Game Fest was organised on June 7th. Here are some of the announcements that struck me!

Montréal Comiccon celebrates video games and other geekiness

Comiccon Montreal
From July 6 to 8, comics, anime, movies and TV series pop culture fans gathered in Montreal for a weekend of total geekiness. Come find out what fun I had this past weekend at Montreal Comiccon!

E3 2018: What a colorful week it was!

E3 2018
E3 2018 is behind us. I loved being part of the excitement of this week focused on video games. Fans and journalists go home the head full of memories from exclusive titles they've got to try, or see behind closed doors.

E3 2018: Arca’s Path VR and Strange Brigade hands-on impressions

Games offer different types of experience. From the atmospheric virtual reality experience of Arca’s Path VR to the arcady fun co-op mode of Strange Brigade, Rebellion offer the best choice to players.

E3 2018: Bandai Namco booth tour impressions

Booth tours are unpredictable. At Bandai Namco, I had time to attend a theater presentation of three upcoming games and play the most anticipated titles for the publisher. Here’s a quick tour with Jump Force, SoulCalibur VI and Divinity II: Original Sins – Definitive Edition.

E3 2018: Rico Rodriguez is back in Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4
Here’s the explosive return of Rico Rodriguez in one of the funniest open world sandbox series back in action. Just Cause 4 protagonist has the coolest name, doesn't he?

E3 2018: A quick look at The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

Dontnod’s next project is a cool one. It brings players into the Life is Strange setting, but on a new adventure with new characters. Here’s a quick look at The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.

E3 2018: Techland brings us Dying Light 2

The post-apocalyptic world of Dying Light 2 is in full chaos. By building your narrative story based on every choice you make, player’s experience will differ from the others and replay value is almost infinite.

E3 2018: LEGO DC Super Villains and Hitman 2 hands-on impressions

The LEGO franchise is super fun for the family and DC Villains are hilarious. Well, laughter is part of Joker’s personality, right? After my LEGO-session, I slipped in another room to get a first look at Hitman 2, Agent 47-style.