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I spend a lot of time shopping online, and like so many others, the town I live in has been experiencing rising cases of package theft. I have to really stay on top of what’s being delivered on what day, and I’ve become very diligent about deliveries. It can be hard to keep track, and it’s even more complicated if I know I won’t be home when the package is delivered. With back to school here again, I’ll be one of the many people waiting patiently for big ticket items to show up at the door. If you’re like me and you’re not always home, here are a few tips you can use to secure your back-to-school packages.

1. Be home when your package will arrive

With package tracking, it’s easier than ever for you to know when a large purchase like your back-to-school laptop, printer, or school supplies will arrive. While there are many tech options for keeping an eye on your packages, one of the best ways to ensure they make it inside safe and sound is to be there when they are delivered. Depending on the carrier you’re using, you can even receive text messages on your smartphone when the delivery is about to arrive at your door.

2. Smart doorbells watch over your back to school packages

smart locks keep your back to school packages safe

A smart doorbell will give you eyes and ears on your door, porch, and walkway. Not only can you see who delivered your back to school packages and answer the door remotely if they ring the doorbell, but they also have a wide field of view so you can keep an eye on your packages until you get home.

If you have motion notifications set up on your phone, you can receive a motion alert if someone appears on your doorstep after your packages have been delivered. Most video doorbells have a two-way talk feature as well, so you can capture video footage and talk to suspected thieves to deter them from picking up your package and taking off with it. You can also talk to the delivery person to tell them specifically where to place the package (for example, under a porch patio set) where you know it will be safest and away from prying eyes until you get home.

3. Security cameras have package protection built-in

Some types of security cameras have smart parcel detection built in. Package detection will let you know when a back to school package has been delivered or notify you if a package you left for pickup has been picked up by the courier. It will record a video of your package until you can get home and bring it into the house. If the package disappears, you’ll have a clip you can use to prove it was stolen or share with the police. I always place all-weather cameras on my front porch and use rechargeable batteries so they are always on rain or shine. Depending on which type you choose, you can get a clear view of your yard in 1080p, 2K, or 4K.

4. Smart locks let you give temporary access codes

back to school packages

We always have the same UPS driver. He’s been in and out of my gate for several years now, and he knows my dogs and kids by name. I’ve never had an issue with him delivering my packages, so I’ve given him a temporary access code to the smart lock on my back door so he can put my packages inside. You may not have as close a relationship with your courier driver, but with a smart lock, you can give your neighbour or family member a temporary code so they can collect your packages for you.

It’s even better if you have a smart lock paired with a video doorbell so you can answer the door remotely, talk to whoever is there, and give them a code to put the package inside while you watch. Once they’ve left you can check and make sure the door is securely locked.

5. Protect your back to school packages with a smart alarm

Break-ins have become all too common, and one of the worst things that could happen is for someone to break into your house after you’ve just welcomed home a new laptop, desktop computer, monitor, or new TV. With a smart alarm monitoring your doors and windows, you’ll never have to worry about someone grabbing your new tech and running off with it. You’ll receive a notification the instant someone tampers with your door or window.

A smart alarm uses sensors on your doors and windows to detect whether glass is breaking or someone has opened the door when they weren’t supposed to. Some smart alarms have sirens built in that will go off if the alarm is triggered. Most smart alarms can be monitored by a security company, and they can notify the authorities when they detect foul play. You may never have a break-in at your home, but with a smart alarm, you’re prepared for the possibility and you can protect all of your possessions from theft.

Get peace of mind while waiting for your back to school packages

Online shopping is an easy, convenient, and fun way to pick up all of your back to school must-haves. Even a large purchase like a laptop is easy to choose online. If you use my 5 tips for protecting your back to school packages, you won’t need to stress about a delivery while you’re at work or even away on vacation.

You can find everything you need for back to school at Best Buy’s back to school hub.

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