Fireplaces vs outdoor heaters: Which should you get?

Having someplace warm to gather around in the backyard is essential. This guide looks at the difference between fireplaces vs outdoor heaters and more.

How to create an Instagram-worthy patio

If a patio is created and no one posts about it on Instagram, does it even exist at all? That’s one question that I’d love to be able to answer for you, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to test any theories. If I’m on a patio, my compulsive need to Instagram it is going to win over every single time.    

Backyard patio makeover you can do in one weekend

It's almost patio season, and you're probably planning your backyard patio makeover. Here's a few tips if you'd like to change up your outdoor space.

Get outdoors earlier: how to warm up the patio

It's still chilly, but if you want to get outside and sit under the stars, all you have to do is warm up the patio with an outdoor fireplace or heater.

Make Your Outdoor Space More Functional

   In many parts of Canada, patio season is coming fairly soon. In others (namely BC), it’s already a! If you enjoy sitting out on your deck relaxing, barbecuing, shooting the breeze with friends, listening to music, or whatever, click on through for a few ideas on how to make your outdoor space more functional. With some of the ideas you’ll find here drawing you outside, you may never want to enter your home again!

How-to get ready for patio season

Patio season is almost here and I’ve been doing some yard clean up to get ready. Next I’ll be setting up my patio furniture and deciding if I’ll be needing or wanting anything new this season. I love to entertain when the weather is nice, and I’m thinking this is the year to treat myself to a patio swing. Read on to see how you can make your patio beautiful with some great new pieces.

Patio heaters designed for every style of patio

The thing about Canadian summers is that, for most us, the heat doesn’t really hold. Our summers last from June through August, and at the end of each day, Canada takes a minute to remind us that we’re really just a chilly iceberg pretending to be cozy and warm for the day! That’s why patio heaters are so important, and here are a few different kinds you can use to cozy up this spring and summer.    

Design the perfect patio on a budget

Patio season is taking off and today I'm talking about how you can use patio furniture to create a patio that doesn't break your budget.

Summer survival guide part 4: relaxing and entertaining on the patio

Summer is, without a doubt, my favourite time of year. In fact, I’m such a summer girl that I’ve often wondered why I haven’t moved myself to a more temperate climate where the hot days and warm nights stick around for longer than a few months. But perhaps it’s precisely the short shelf life we have on summers here in Canada that makes me itch to spend as much of them outside as possible.

A new adventure is waiting right outside your front door

I’m lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and today, Vancouver truly lived up to its reputation—for beauty, not rain. The sun was shining, the sky was clear, the temperature was a balmy 14°C, and the crisp smell of spring was in the air. It was fabulous. Not just because I got to enjoy my afternoon latte while sitting outside at a local coffee shop, but because today got me thinking about something much more important—the upcoming patio season! This year prepare to have a great time right outside your front door—or back door!  All you need are a few key essentials, and you can turn your patio into a great outdoor space for everyone to enjoy.

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