It ‘s that time of year again when your thoughts turn to your outdoor space, thinking about entertaining in the back yard, only to realize that your outdoor furniture did not respond well to old man winter.  Rust and mildew have taken their toll.  The cure for this ongoing replacement of seasonal outdoor furnishings is to invest in quality pieces that will stand the test of time and weather. In comes Nardi (coming soon to Best Buy).

Nardi is an Italian manufacturer that has focused primarily around outdoor furniture. They have become experts in the use of polypropylene (a thermoplastic resin), aluminum, synthetic fabrics, and glass which are excellent materials to withstand a variety of outdoor conditions.  They have been around since 1990 in the town of Vicenza, Italy, which is about 75 km west of Venice.  As only the Italians can, they have distinguished themselves with strong European designs using these durable and high-quality materials to produce some very unique outdoor furniture that should stand the test of time (and weather!).

Craftsmanship & Durability

The pride of craftsmanship along with its innovative use of technology ensures that the quality of their product meets very high standards. Each piece in each in the Nardi collections has been stress tested and individually inspected in the factory.

Their furniture is easy to clean, lightweight, stackable for easy storage, and highly resistant to sun or weather damage. In others words virtually maintenance free. What speaks to their durability is the fact that Nardi is used in many high-use commercial ventures. You will see their bar stools and tables on restaurant patios, in bars, and lodges; or their lounge chair and tables on cruise ships or resort pool decks.


Durability often comes at the expense of design, but Nardi has never accepted that. In fact, what sets Nardi apart is their wonderful variety of design, colour, while ensuring durability. Nardi pays attention to details in their designs, not just making them attractive, but more functional as well. The tables and chairs are designed not to hold any water which not only is very inconvenient but eventually causes marking.

The ergonomically designed stackable Nardi barstool paired with the Werzalit bar table, are a great addition to any patio, barbeque area, or pool deck.  Like so many Nardi products they are commercial grade, fitted with non-skid rubber footpads, and a finish which will not rust, peel or fade. Their design is attractive enough to put in the outdoor space of your home, while sturdy enough to meet commercial standards, all at a very reasonable price.

Also available is the stylish Alpha lounge chair, which is made from breathable synthetic fabric stretched over a tubular resin frame.  Pair this up with a matching side table and you are all set for those lazy days by the pool, sunning on the deck, or just lounging in the backyard. These lounge chairs come in a variety of colours, have four reclining positions, have recessed wheels for easy movement, and are stackable and foldable. Sunlight won’t make them fade as they are UV resistant, not to mention stain resistant.

So if you want Italian designed and manufactured outdoor furniture that has flare and function, Nardi is a great choice.  Their garden furnishings have a designer’s eye without compromising quality and comfort and would enhance any outdoor or even indoor space. So durable that they perform well in high-use commercial locations and I am sure you can also find a colour that will fit nicely with any décor.

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