warm up the patio Canadian spring

Canadians live for spring and summer. After six months of deep freeze, cold winds, ice, and snow, it’s finally time to get outside, sit on the patio, and enjoy nothing but sunshine and warm nights, right?

Not quite. With spring and summer comes rain, winds, and temperatures that dip down into levels not quite compatible with shorts and a tank top. How can you head outside after a long winter cooped up in the house if you feel like you have to bring your hat and parka along with you?

If you want to get outside earlier, sit under the stars, and enjoy patio season before patio season is ready for you, all you need to do is warm up the patio with an outdoor heater or outdoor fireplace.

Why choose an outdoor heater to warm up the patio

Outdoor patio heaters are simple to install, easy to use, and create such a toasty glow you won’t want to go inside. Outdoor fireplaces do the same thing, and they can add such a sense of atmosphere and style to your patio you’ll love being outside more than in.

Here’s a look at all of your outdoor heating choices, including patio heaters and outdoor fireplaces you can use to warm up the patio and get outside earlier this year.

freestanding patio heaterWarm up with freestanding infrared patio heaters

If you’ve spent time on a patio in a restaurant, you’ll have seen freestanding infrared patio heaters. They are tall, have a dome or panel, and they are generally run on electricity. You don’t need a special plug in for freestanding patio heaters because they just plug straight into a normal outlet.

You’ll find models of freestanding patio heaters that are less expensive to run than a standard propane patio heater. Because they run on electricity, a gust of wind can’t blow out the flame. Infrared heat is also safe, clean, and odorless so you don’t have to worry about having a gas scent when you want to warm up the patio.

One of the best parts of these types of patio heaters is that they are instant on. When you want heat you just flip the switch and you’ll be warm. Freestanding patio heaters are a good choice if you want a warm radiant glow in a corner of your patio.

outdoor gazebo patio heaters.jpg

Beautify your space and stay warm with outdoor gazebo patio heaters

If saving space is a consideration and you’d like to create warmth over your patio table, a outdoor gazebo patio heater is a good choice. They radiate warmth exactly where you want it, and you can hook it onto a chain and hang it over any space like a light.

You’ll find water-resistant outdoor gazebo heaters that will be perfect for warming you up on cold nights. Just wind the cord down an umbrella stand, plug it in, and you’ve got heat.

flame patio heaters.jpg

Enjoy a warm glow with flame patio heaters

Who doesn’t love watching a fire? There’s something relaxing about watching a flame dance on a chilly spring night under the stars, and you’ll enjoy that atmosphere when you warm up the patio with a flame patio heater.

Flame patio heaters run on a 20lb propane tanks and provide you with an average of 40,000 BTUs of heat anywhere on your patio. Some models have wheels so you can move them, and you can find flame patio heaters with  anti-tip so you’ll never have to worry about it crashing down anywhere if you bump into it.

If you have a smaller space or you want a smaller outdoor heater, you can choose a fire column. In a concrete fire column the flame glows behind stone, decorative river rocks, and double walled tempered glass. There’s a snuffer tool to put out the flame when you’re ready to head inside.

patio fire pit

Enjoy the warmth from a patio fireplace

Patio fireplaces are a good choice if you’d like something a bit more permanent on your patio. If, for example, you’d like to have a focal point front and center and position your chairs around it, a patio fireplace is a good choice.

Patio fireplaces look just as good when it’s turned off as when it’s warming you up. They have stainless steel burners and you can find designs made with beautiful rust-free cast aluminum and glass finish. While they run on propane, you’ll never see the tank because it’s stored under the table.

You could also choose a style of outdoor fireplace that reminds you of fire pits on camping trips. Some models are great for roasting marshmallows or just enjoying a cozy fire on a chilly night.

If you don’t need a permit to burn wood in your backyard, you can also choose an outdoor fire pit that uses logs to burn. All you have to do is add a few logs and some kindling and you’ll have a roaring fire in no time. Some models come with a heavy wood grate to protect your patio and a metal fire poker to stoke the flames. Can you imagine roasted hot dogs and marshmallows over an open fire, right in your backyard? It’s possible with this fire pit.

fire bowls for the patio.jpg

Simplify with a fire bowl

When you want the feel of a roaring fire and a way to warm up a small space, fire bowls are the perfect answer. Think of them as a large candle, but instead of wicks they burn gel fuel so you can have warmth for hours.

There are several different styles of fire bowl, so there’s one for every type of patio. They add warmth and a nice touch of décor to your deck. If you placed more than one fire bowl or fire column, you could have enough warmth radiating for a group of people.

When you live in Canada, you have to expect wild fluctuations in weather that lean toward the chilly side, but that doesn’t have to stop you from getting outdoors early this year and enjoying your patio.

Plant some weather-hardy flowers in a few buckets, set up your patio table, and add a patio heater or outdoor fireplace. You’ll be warm, relaxed, and happy you were able to kick off your patio season earlier than ever.