The Hockey playoffs are coming to a screen near you

It may not be very Canadian of me, but I don’t watch much hockey during the regular season, eh! There are just too many games where one or both teams don’t really show up to play, plus there are a lot of Bobby Clobbers that take away from the game. But the playoffs are a different story! Each game really counts so everyone usually comes with a totally different sense of urgency, and Cinderella stories happen all the time. I hate missing any playoff action, but fortunately there are lots of different ways to catch playoff games no matter where you are. Here are the best options to make sure you get your fix.

LG’s NEW Lineup of LED TVs

I love checking out the latest technology, and recently had a chance to get a preliminary view of a new line of TVs that LG is releasing in the next few weeks. Because the big brands like LG already have extremely good TVs, the improvements with each new generation are pretty subtle. Here’s a sneak peak of their newest TVs yet to hit the streets.

Road Test of the NEW Roku Streaming Stick – Awesome!


    Roku recently announced the launch of their new streaming stick, which looks similar to the Google Chromecast dongle so I researched both and wrote a  comparison of the two, to figure out which one is better.  In my opinion they are both good, but felt the Roku Streaming Stick is a better value device. I now have my hands on one of the first Roku Streaming Sticks and can provide you a proper review to let you know if it lives up to those expectations.

Cuddle up with a 4K movie this Valentine’s Day

Forget going out on Feb.14, and let me give you a few suggestions for how to cuddle up with a 4K movie this Valentine's Day.

Review: The Sony SRS-X55 delivers tons of power in a little...

If you’re a Sony speaker enthusiast, you may look to the left and think that design looks familiar.  That’s the Sony SRS-X55, which looks exactly similar to last year’s SRS-X5. However, just like a new car, looks can be deceiving.  The extra year has given Sony the chance to re-evaluate last year’s successful design and make it even better.  The results include better sound quality and a longer battery life.  Keep reading on to find out more!

What’s new at Best Buy for December?

The big countdown to Christmas is on, and if your holiday shopping list is a mile long,  there’s never been a better time to find out what’s new at Best Buy this month.

Learn about sustainability and enter for a chance to win a...

Inspire us to think about sustainability by creating something unique using cardboard for a chance to win a Samsung The Frame TV.

One For All Smart Remote and Universal Remote Review

The One for All URC 7880 Smart Control 8 and URC 7935 Streamer Remote are two budget beaters that provide a lot of value for their respective price tags.

Samsung QLED TVs arriving at Best Buy

It's time to stop looking at TVs as things we need to hide away. Samsung's new line of QLED TVs are beautiful enough to display anywhere plus they have some of the most advanced TV technology available meaning you'll also get top of the line video quality.

3 TV processors to look out for in 2021

There are 3 new TV processors for 2021. Here's a quick recap of what they are, how they work, and what you can expect when you watch a TV with the new tech.