What’s great about Google Play Music?

If you were to have asked me a week ago what “Google” means to me, I would have said that it serves one purpose and one purpose only – to satisfy my insatiable need for information and celebrity gossip day and night. As for the rest of Google’s suite of products, I could have done without. Google Docs? Not a fan. Gmail? I never use it. But then Google Play Music was brought to my attention and I have to admit, my singular attitude towards Google changed. Will I embrace Google Docs tomorrow and forward all my email to my Gmail account? Likely not. But as far as music is concerned, in seven short days I have become a giant fan of Google Play Music. Why is it so great? Well … let me tell you!

From Tablet to TV: Microsoft’s All-in-One Media Keyboard

Today, a wireless keyboard is far more than just a computing peripheral. It can be used on-the-go with a tablet, for game-play and entertainment with a gaming console, and even as an integral part of the living room with a smart TV.

TV Features Explained – Part 3: Refresh Rates

Refresh rates are marketed quite a bit with new HDTVs and 4K UHD TVs, using various branded jargon like “Motionflow 240” or “960 Motion Enhancement.” Higher numbers are bandied about making it difficult to understand or to make fair comparisons between TVs since there are no industry-standard definitions for these motion enhancement features. I will help you sort through this marketing muddle and let you know what you need to focus on regarding refresh rates.

Can I use an antenna with my 4K TV?

Find out how you can still access your local TV broadcasting through the use of an antenna, even with a brand new 4K TV.

Pioneer X-CM32BT Micro System Review

The Pioneer X-CM32BT Micro System is a relatively compact little unit that can be deceiving. If asked to describe where it lands in the crowded arena of audio playback systems, I’d have to say it lies somewhere between massive amplifier/receiver systems and compact all-in-one mobile device docking stations. It reminded me of hi-fi systems of a couple of decades ago, but in a much smaller package. The system will play many audio formats and media. Radio, CD’s and digital audio files (MP3/WMA) are all supported.

Top 5 TV Antennas as Rated by Customers

More people are cutting their cable ties by capturing free over-the-air (OTA) TV signals that are broadcast in full HD. Doing that plus Internet streaming is making it easier all the time. To capture those free OTA signals requires a good antenna, which may be hard to judge until you buy one, so why not look at what consumers are saying are the best antennas?

Review: Sony SRS-X11 and SRS-X2 Bluetooth Speakers

Always be the life of the party with these portable Bluetooth speakers from Sony!

What is a Home Theatre in a Box?

Is a "home theatre in a box" a good option for quality sound? Read more about this quick and easy way to build your home theatre.

What is HDR and how does it affect your 4K TV...

If you’ve started hearing the term “HDR” when it comes to TVs, you might be wondering what it is, and what it means for your new television purchase. HDR is a type of technology that allows more brilliant colour and starker contrasts in your video picture, which, when combined with stunning 4K resolution, make for a hyper-real video experience. It is another TV acronym you’ll want to learn and you’ll likely fall in love with.  

The LG 55’ 1080p 3D Curved OLED Smart TV (55EC9300) is...

With state of the art OLED screen technology, you can have one of the best TV pictures on the market with the LG 55’ 1080p 3D Curved OLED Smart TV (55EC9300)!

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