Samsung H8000 and HU9000 Curved HD and 4K Ultra HD TVs!

      Until now, if you wanted a large-screen curved TV you had to buy an OLED set at a premium price. Samsung has just launched their line of LED HDTVs and UHD TVs with curved screens and a ton of other features. Samsung’s H8000 series are their high-definition curved TVs, and their HU9000 series are their 4K UltraHD curved screen TVs. Samsung is always striving to stay ahead of the curve, no pun intended, and these fantastic TV’s will do just that.

How to Stream Series: Part 3 – Roku Streaming Stick

Choosing the right streaming device can be confusing; after all what’s the best bet for what you want, and what are some of the key differences among the options?  In part 3 of our series we look at the “how-to” of streaming with a Roku Streaming Stick.

Google Chromecast Teams up with CTV

      Well, maybe “teams up” is too strong a comment as they are not literally on the same team, which sounds more like a merger. What is newsworthy is that CTV is the first Canadian broadcaster to make their content available through Google’s Chromecast device. This is great news for all you prospective cable cutters and for you non-cutters that have trouble with your PVR missing past episodes of your favorite shows.

Sony SRS-ZR5 Speaker Review

The Sony SRS-ZR5 is a versatile compact speaker that focuses on delivering quality audio. It's packed with forward thinking features, but how does it perform?

Best Wireless Headphones as rated by Best Buy customers

Wires are a pain when it comes to most technology, but with headphones, they’re even more annoying. They get tangled in everything from your arms, to the arm of a seat on the bus or plane, and they’re always getting in the way of your smartphone screen. If you’re still using the uncomfortable hard plastic wired headphones that came with your phone, or you need an upgrade, check out the top picks (both in-ear and over-ear) from Best Buy customers, who’ve tested these wireless headphones and love them.

Review: MyGica ATV1200 – Android Media Streaming Box

            The MyGica ATV1200 is also called Dual Core Android TV box, and will turn your TV into a multifunctional smart TV. It is a media player, an Internet browser, a video and photo viewer, a game player, and a music player. I had a chance to test one out and run it through a few paces and here is what I found.

Review: Sony h.ear on/in stereo hi-res headphones (Coming Soon)

Sony has unveiled its newest line of around and in-ear stereo headphones under the “h.ear” brand moniker, and we get to put the three different types to the test to see if these premium hi-res cans and earbuds can deliver the quality audio people expect from today’s high-end digital music.

CES 2016: The Best in Show: Innovation Awards

Every year the Consumer Electronics Show picks a handful of innovators and crowns them with a “Best Of” award. This year’s winners include a robot bartender, a light bulb that’s also a security system and speaker, plus a tablet that’s also a projector!  See the full list.

Choosing the best TV for watching sports

If you want to watch the big game in style, you need the best TV. From 4K to HDR and refresh rates, here's what to consider when you're sports-focused.

Fluance AB40 High Performance Soundbase Review

Fluance has put forward a solid offering in the sound bar market, the AB40 High Performance Soundbase. It boasts surround sound capabilities in a single speaker unit with no sub. But how does it perform, and who would benefit from owning one? Find out in our review.

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