Overview: The LG 65” 4K Smart TV is big and...

I have a theory. A product that has a long name is almost always better than a similar product with a short name. Take, for example, my favourite coffee indulgence: a large-triple-shot-extra-hot-no-foam-sugar-free-vanilla-soy-cappucino. Now, doesn’t that sound a million times better than plain old “coffee”? I think so. And if my exceptionally scientific theory has any merit at all, then the LG 65” 4K Ultra HD 240Hz IPS Smart TV might just be the king of the TVs. All kidding aside, this TV is packed with features that are sure to please.   In keeping with the “long names are better” theme, let’s break down name of this TV to illustrate all that it hsa to offer.

Netgear Wireless Adapter – Wirelessly Connect Anything to Your Home Network

      Most Internet enabled devices come with WiFi these days, but not all do. If you have an older gaming device, media player, or any other device that might not support WiFi connectivity, then Netgear’s Wireless Adapter is the perfect solution. It easily turns any wired Ethernet-only device into a wireless one.

CES 2016: The Best in Show: Innovation Awards

Every year the Consumer Electronics Show picks a handful of innovators and crowns them with a “Best Of” award. This year’s winners include a robot bartender, a light bulb that’s also a security system and speaker, plus a tablet that’s also a projector!  See the full list.

Premium TVs that are great for gaming

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are right around the corner. And, choosing the right TV to get the best experience is now more important than ever.

What are the differences between the Chromecast and the Chromecast Audio?

There are two devices newly available from Google: Chromecast and the Chromecast Audio. A question we’re seeing often is, “What’s the difference between the two?”   While they have different and distinct purposes (primarily Audio vs Video), there is some overlap and crossover. 

Sony SRS-ZR7 Speaker Review

Wireless speakers are advancing with improved audio and features that should make it easier to enjoy music. The Sony SRS-ZR7 aims to leap over the competition, but how does it perform?

Back to School: my Top 5 Wireless Sound Solutions for the...

  A back to school essential for those going to university is a decent sound system for the dorm room. The room is small so you don’t really need a huge system and for maximum flexibility a wireless system is by far the best way to go. It avoids unnecessary wires hanging around and can give you the ease of using it in the lounge or elsewhere. There are a lot of excellent wireless systems available, in a variety of price ranges depending on your budget. In order to help short-list the myriad of choices, I am providing my top 5 picks ideal for the dorm room.

Sony X930E 4K HDR TV Review

The Sony X930E delivers an experience that could convince anyone to upgrade their TV. Read the review to find out why 4K and HDR makes a big difference.

How to care for your new 4K TV

Your new 4K TV is a masterpiece. It’s your pride and joy. It’s the focal point of your living space and has already brought countless hours of entertainment into your home. Unfortunately, like everything else in life, it will get dirty. But before you reach for your go-to glass cleaner to rid its screen of dust and fingerprints, read on to find out the best way to care for your 4K TV so it continues to display bright, colourful, and crisp images.

Samsung Radiant-360 R7 Speaker Review: 360 degrees of sound.

It’s the speaker that doesn’t look like a speaker, and Samsung’s new Radiant-360 R7 speaker’s odd football shape is what gives it an edge over conventional speakers.  Made to kick out sound in every direction it’s the speaker that you may find will score a touchdown for your home theatre.

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