Sony-Theater.jpgEvery year an organization called Harris Interactive measures and rates the reputations of 100 of the world’s most visible companies. In the 2015 report, Sony was ranked as #13, which is pretty impressive considering how many big brands there are out there these days. So it makes sense that if you are looking at setting up a new home theatre system that you put Sony products at the top of your list. Here are two options for you to consider – one for bigger budgets and one for more modest budgets.

SonyTV.jpgBigger Budget System

It goes without saying that you should select a TV that is sized appropriately for the space in which you will be setting up your home theatre, however, unless you’ll be viewing the screen from less than 6’ away, you’re safe with 65” or bigger. A great option is the Sony 65” 1080p 120Hz 3D LED Smart TV. This guy is in the top-tier of Sony’s 2014 LED TV lineup and features Triluminos Display, which is a high panel technology that when combined with the X-Reality Pro image processor creates an absolutely amazing picture with breathtaking clarity and detail, and rich, vibrant colours.

Outside of its picture quality, the Sony 65” 1080p 3D LED Smart TV comes with a laundry list of features. First, it comes equipped with Sony Entertainment Network – the official name for Sony’s smart TV platform – that gives users access to video streaming services, social networking sites, the web, and the ability to stream content from external devices like computers, smartphones, and USBs. Second, it comes with 3D video support and two pairs of 3D glasses so you can truly immerse yourself in your in-home entertainment. Third, it features a wedge design that really combines form and function to help save space and add a little aesthetic flair to your theatre room.

While the Sony 65” 1080p 3D LED Smart TV comes equipped with 8W speakers with Sound Booster technology that deliver a superb stereo sound experience, no home theatre is complete without a surround sound system – especially if you have a large room. If space is a concern, you can always go the soundbar route, but if not, the Sony 1000-Watt 5.1 Channel 3D Blu-Ray Home Theatre System is a great option. This system features two tall speakers, two satellite speakers, and a subwoofer so you’ll hear precise, powerful sound that will put you in the heart of the action, be that action a movie, a game, or a really great playlist. It also features Sony’s Digital Music Enhancer, which works to clean up sounds so they are crisper and more enjoyable than you could possibly imagine. And to top it off, the system also comes with a Blu-Ray player that let’s you watch 2D and 3D entertainment in sharp detail.

Modest Budget SystemSonyTV2.jpg

If a top-tier Sony TV isn’t quite in the budget, you can still create an awesome home theatre with a TV like the Sony 60” 1080p 120Hz LED Smart TV. This TV comes equipped with almost all the same features as the Sony 65” except is 5” smaller and lacks 3D compatibility; but by foregoing 3D, you’ll save yourself a schwack of money. This TV features Dynamic Edge LED backlighting to ensure a realistic and clear picture, and its 120Hz refresh rate with Motionflow XR 48o technology delivers smooth, natural movements on screen, which makes watching action movies so much better. It also features Sony Entertainment Network and allows you to stream content from other devices.


As for sound, a great option for a more modest budget is the Sony 60W Sound Bar. Personally, even if budget isn’t an issue, I like the simplicity of sound bars like this one – fewer components and a sleek, space-saving design, but that’s just me. The sound quality you get from this sound bar is fantastic. In fact, its surround sound technology provides theatre quality and 3D audio with just two front speakers. Add to that a 6.2” 30W subwoofer and this system really adds a whole lot of depth to your home theatre experience.

So there you have it. Two different, but very good Sony options to create a “make-the-neighbours-jealous” home theatre experience!

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*The Harris Interactive report mentioned in this post can be found here.