How to mount a TV



The steps to mount a TV sound like a fairly daunting task at first to the average weekend handy-person. A bit of research and effort should go into making sure that you have the right style and size of mount for your TV, and that you’ve got all of the right tools. Outside of that, however, mounting a TV is really just your average weekend afternoon activity. With the right help and the right strategy, all you will need is a couple of hours out of your day to unwrap, install and mount the new addition to your living room, bedroom, rec room or home office.

This article will explain in detail how to mount your TV on wood studs which is the most common installation type today. The mounting hardware you purchase from the store is meant for wood studs only. If you are looking to mount into metal studs, concrete, tile stone or brick, you will need to consult a professional service such as Geek Squad.

It is recommended that you have someone helping with this installation. Depending on how large your TV is and how heavy the mount is, you may need one person to lift the TV and another to help centre and affix it to the wall.
Please note: If you wish to conceal any wiring, you will need to invest in a few other tools, such as a concealment kit, wire fish tape, a drywall saw and a chisel. Wire concealment is not covered in this blog.
Prior to installation, be sure that you understand any environmental hazards in the area where the mount will be placed, as well as any building or strata by-laws that may affect your decision to mount your television.

The purpose of this article is to guide the audience on how to mount a TV. Best Buy is not liable for any damages incurred should you decide to mount the TV on your own. If you are not sure about the installation process, contact a professional service such as Geek Squad and they can perform the service for you.