Google Chromecast: How to set up your new streaming TV device

Recently purchased a Google Chromecast or Ultra? We've got the basics for your new streaming TV journey. Check out our pointers and tips.

Review: NEW LG 60” 4K UHD Smart 3D TV has a...

2015 is definitely the year that 4K UHD TVs have taken off. There are more models coming out all the time with more variety in terms of features and price range. Initially all 4K TVs were higher-end TVs that only a select few could afford. Not so any more! LG has just launched a new line of 4K ultra high definition sets—their UF7650 series and it is exclusive to Best Buy. They are their entry-level 4K TVs, which aren’t as fully loaded as their higher-end units. However, they have the two most important features in a TV—they are BIG and they have a fantastic picture.

Cutting the cable cord made easy with the right gear

Cable and satellite TV bills are high. There are few in Canada who haven’t felt the pinch of paying for access to hundreds of channels in order to watch a fraction of that. Depending on where you live, you can gain access to some of the most popular network channels in both Canada and the United States. With the right gear, you can also watch those channels throughout your home.

Getting the Most Out of Your Apple TV

  For most of you that have an Apple TV, I am betting you simply set it up and have been enjoying it ever since – and you haven’t touched it since (except to watch stuff) to customize it for your particular needs. One of the nice things about Apple TV is it is easy to set up and use, so most people just plug it in and away they go. Well I am going to let you know of some simple things that you should do to improve the experience you have with Apple TV.  Easy!

BenQ V7050i UHD ultra short throw projector review

The BenQ V7050i is an ultra-short throw projector designed for small, bright rooms. It delivers 4K resolution and immersive sound in virtually any space.

CES 2015: Sony announces an Android Powered 4K Lineup

          LG brought 7 new 4K OLED TVs to CES, and not to be outdone Sony is bringing 10 new 4K TVs to the show. Sony has always been a big proponent of 4K Ultra- High Definition TV, and with a lot more 4K models they are making it their mainstream product. What is obvious out from CES is that Sony is taking a different approach than their competitors.  

How Big Should Your New TV Be?

Less isn’t always more, especially when it comes to your TV. Best Buy has the perfect big screen TV for your media room or home theatre ready to ship.

CES 2016: LG Announces Super Thin, Super Ultra HD TVs

From the floor at CES – Just when you thought new TVs were already like little slices of reality in a flat-pack box, LG is out of the gate with TV that’s better than 4K or UHD. See what they anounced at the Consumer Electronics Show today; a Super Ultra HD TV that’s just 6.6mm thick!  

Home theatre gifts that will bring everyone home for the holidays

  As commercialized as Christmas has become, it is one of the best times for family. One way to bring them home is with fun home entertainment gifts that everyone can enjoy. Here are some good gift ideas that will help any family enjoy the Holidays a lot more. After all who doesn’t like improving their home theatre experience?

Review: Sony h.ear on/in stereo hi-res headphones (Coming Soon)

Sony has unveiled its newest line of around and in-ear stereo headphones under the “h.ear” brand moniker, and we get to put the three different types to the test to see if these premium hi-res cans and earbuds can deliver the quality audio people expect from today’s high-end digital music.

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