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How To Connect Chromecast & Chromecast Audio To Your AV Receiver

The options for streaming audio and video at home are increasing rapidly. For those of us who are home theatre fanatics, a critical feature will be an ability to connect streaming devices to the heart of our systems, our AV Receivers. Let’s take a look at how to capitalize on your home theatre investment and leverage streaming technology with Google Chromecast and Chromecast Audio.

Can a Soundbar work with a Receiver?

Sound bars are extremely popular because they are a simple way to take your TV sound to a new level. They are easy to set up, don’t take up much space, and generally not pricey. Most are designed to connect directly to your TV so what about connecting to your receiver instead?

Which of the 5 new Roku streaming TV players is right...

Roku recently launched several new TV streaming devices. How do you know which on is the right one for your home theatre? Blogger ErinLYYC compares models and even shows how you can use one of them to smarten up an older 'dumb' TV

When should you get a professional to calibrate your new TV?

Don't know what white balance or colour space is, or you're just not falling in love with your 4K TV for some reason? It may be time to see a professional.

When to mount your TV and why you need a TV...

So, you’ve just purchased a brand spanking new, top of the line 65” 3D HDTV. You can’t contain your excitement. All you want is to get this new addition to your family out of the box and plugged into the wall so you can get started on your House of Cards marathon. I don’t blame you. In fact, I’m a little jealous. Now comes the question – to mount or not to mount? The ideal situation is to mount your TV on the wall above a TV stand that holds all your home entertainment components, but you can also go the TV-stand-only route. Here are the pros of mounting your TV on the wall, and some mount and TV stand options.

Everything you need to know about TVs: 4K, 8K, LED, OLED,...

The TV world is loaded with acronyms: LED, OLED, QLED, HDR. Shopping for a new television can be confusing. What do all those letters mean? This article should help!

Enter for a chance to win a 4K Ultra HD BenQ...

The BenQ HT3550 4K projector offers an incredible home theatre experience, so read on and enter this contest to find out how you could win this Ultra HD projector.

How to Connect an Audio System to your TV – Wired...

Flat screen TVs keep getting thinner and thinner, which creates a great aesthetic, but also leaves little room for audio technology. In fact, I am amazed how good some TVs sound given the constrained space. However, if you have a big flat screen with a beautiful picture, you also want big sound to enhance your viewing experience. Here’s a primer on how to connect audio to your TV.

What is Apple TV and how does it work?

With the recent release of the 4th generation Apple TV and the buzz surrounding it, it’s worth a deeper dive on the topic. What is Apple TV and how does it work?

5 essentials for every good home theater

Nowadays there are so many amazing products out there to help create your dream home theater. Let me help you choose some of the best!

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