Enter for a chance to win a Samsung 8K TV and...

Enter this amazing contest for a once in a lifetime TV and gaming upgrade since the prize includes a Samsung 8K TV and an Xbox Series X gaming console.

OLED televisions explained

What's OLED TV, and how does it differ from LCD? What's better and more reliable and how different will it make your TV look? Read our primer here.

Google Chromecast: How to set up your new streaming TV device

Recently purchased a Google Chromecast or Ultra? We've got the basics for your new streaming TV journey. Check out our pointers and tips.

The Freestyle by Samsung

With The Freestyle, a new smart projector from Samsung, you get great picture quality, premium 360° sound, and a unique design to project your favourite content.

Pack a streaming TV device when heading back to college

 For first-year university and college students, packing up everything you’ll need to survive your first year solo can be intimidating. After all, you’ve likely got a pup-tent budget and MTV Cribs tastes. But fortunately when it comes to those after class activities, you’ve got options for maximizing your entertainment while keeping costs down, and it starts with a streaming device.

Amp up your dorm room with some multi-functional audio essentials

Your dorm room is your space to create all of those life-lasting memories, make it happen with a multifunctional audio system.

Best Wireless Headphones as rated by Best Buy customers

Wires are a pain when it comes to most technology, but with headphones, they’re even more annoying. They get tangled in everything from your arms, to the arm of a seat on the bus or plane, and they’re always getting in the way of your smartphone screen. If you’re still using the uncomfortable hard plastic wired headphones that came with your phone, or you need an upgrade, check out the top picks (both in-ear and over-ear) from Best Buy customers, who’ve tested these wireless headphones and love them.

Enter for a chance to win an Epson Home Cinema 3200...

Enter this contest from Best Buy and you might transform your home into the ultimate home theatre with an Epson Home Cinema 4K projector.

How to buy a Home Entertainment Projector

If you are in the market for a new TV and have a big wall to fill, you can consider looking into a projector instead. 

Review: New BenQ HT2150ST Home Entertainment Projector

A home entertainment projector is one of the best ways to get a full theatre experience, and the BenQ HT2150ST is designed to work well for gamers as well. At a very reasonable cost you can have a very large and immersive high definition picture of 100” or more. This BenQ unit has made owning a projector even easier with a number of features that make it easy to setup anywhere in your home.

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