How to Customize Your Drone

  When it comes to the world of drones, there’s no shortage of available replacement parts to repair the various kinds of damage your model might receive, whether through an epic crash or ordinary wear and tear. But did you also know that there are numerous parts and accessories available which allow you to customize your drone and truly make it one-of-a-kind? Here are some cool drone accessories currently available at Best Buy, and some useful suggestions for customizing your own favourite drone.

Review: Sphero’s Ollie spins circles around its Robot competitors

For the most part, many of the iOS based toys nowadays have potential, but are very limited to what they can do. The Parrot Mini-Drones for example were fun, but not that expansive in ability. They both also cost more than the Sphero Ollie, a brand new challenger into the fold. Ollie comes from the same science and physics loving minds behind the Sphero and promises to continue branching fun and physics at an affordable price. You know what? It’s great fun too.  Come check out the Sphero Ollie.

HUNKA JUNK: J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars Clip Has the Web Buzzing

There’s a huge mass of Star Wars geeks out there (myself included) watching every move Disney and J.J Abrams make as a new crop of Star Wars releases draws ever closer. If there’s one thing guaranteed to get the attention of these Star Wars fans, it’s a peek at what Abrams is working on. And if there’s one thing guaranteed to get pop culture geeks in general in a froth, it’s a mash-up between franchises. J.J. Abrams just managed both in one shot with his HUNKA JUNK YouTube clip of the new Millennium Falcon from his forthcoming Star Wars film—with a very unexpected Easter egg.  

Leapfrog Leappad 3: Learn while having fun

Make learning fun with the new LeapPad3 from Leap Frog!  This week I had the opportunity to try the LeapPad3 and a variety of games from the Leap Frog Learning Library, and here’s what I thought:    

Dancing on the ground, in the air and on the ceiling...

I think there are few people out there that enjoy spiders, whether they be the flying or crawling kind. Parrot’s Rolling Spider is one that doesn’t have 8 legs, but is a miniature quad-copter with detachable wheels. It’s a breeze to set up and play with, and can even land itself without worrying about clumsy timing!  Come check out this small yet imaginative device!

Binoculars and telescopes that bring the heavens to your doorstep

  Get some celestial tech help to witness the show in the heavens. Find out what to look for in binoculars and telescopes that can bring the heavenly bodies to your doorstep.

Review: Parrot Jumping Sumo – Now available at Best Buy!

Parrot’s new line of miniatures looks to bring you functionality and creativity for a fraction of larger drones of its size.  The Jumping Sumo is one of these new gadgets, capable of jumping upwards of 2.5 feet at the push of a virtual button, and can even take stills and film videos from an onboard camera.  Best of all, your smartphone is the remote, and you can even follow along with the display in real time if you roll it out of sight.  Ready to see more? Click below to read on.

Review – LeTrax Teton, The Little Truck That Could (and does!)

I’ve had quite a time with my grubby little mitts behind the (RC) wheel of some very impressive machines. Previously the big boys, E-Maxx and E-Revo got some love and as incredible as those behemoths are, they have themselves a cool kid brother, LaTrax Teton.  A boss little 4WD monster truck, with a lotta gumption for a little guy, LeTrax Teton takes the conventional RC vehicle and leaps over it dramatically, spraying it with dirt and gravel as it leaves it in its dust.

Traxxas E-Maxx / E-Revo Brushless Edition – Review

Ever watch someone unveil their very serious and impressive RC vehicle – be it boat, plane, or four wheeled – and think, “man that looks so fun, those people are super cool?” Ok, so, maybe not that last part, but the first one is absolutely true. I was recently given a chance to play with some of these ultimate “Big Kid” toys. Powerful, awesome looking, wonderfully designed: I’m talking about the E-Maxx and E-Revo by Traxxas. Come on, let’s take a spin.

The coolest toy tech for father’s day fun

One of my favourite things about Father’s Day is how it lets me be a kid again. When my kids were younger, this often meant building a LEGO kit together. Now that they’re older and into high tech toys like drones, robotic kits and R/C vehicles, Father’s Day means I get to relive being a kid while playing with gear I find genuinely fascinating —all while bonding with my own kids. If there’s a dad in your life who’s just waiting to unleash his inner child, I’ve put together some high tech toy suggestions from Best Buy’s extensive selection of gear that will have dad (and his kids) pretty happy on Father’s Day.

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