Lights, Plugs, and Switches are Part 3 of 12 Months of...

We've arrived at the third instalment of our 12 months of smart home improvements series, and this time we're looking at smart lights, plugs, and switches.

Guardzilla Review: Making Strides towards an Affordable Home Security System

If you’re curious about the effectiveness of the Guardzilla Wireless All-In-One Video Security System, read on for all of the details. Inside I discuss features, specifications, and just how well this low cost security system performs. You’ll hear about a few bugs, but you’ll also hear about a system that has the potential to be the answer to your home security needs!

The Connected Home Series: Getting Through the Front Door

In this edition of Connected Home, I take a look at keyless entry. There’s a much smaller selection of keyless entry home devices than some other things like light switches and bulbs, but what’s out there is high quality and easy to enjoy. Are you looking for a new deadbolt system altogether, or something that works with your existing keys and lock system? I’ll lay out some options for you and compare a couple products out there already.

The Smart Home Series: Why it Should be “August” Year-round with...

 It’s time to take a look at the August Smart Lock, the intelligent, secure access for the home’s door entrance. It’s also a product that is part of the “Works with Nest” family which syncs with an existing Nest product, including the Nest Thermostat.

How smart is your home contest from Best Buy

Make this the year your home gets smarter! For several years now people have been talking about “smart home” technology. Do you know how smart your home could be? Rate your own home on our “Domestic IQ” scale for a chance to win great smart home prizes.

New LIFX light bulbs and LIFX Z light strip review

Thinking of getting some smart lights, but not sure where to start? LIFX is one of a few brands to choose from. But how does it stack up? Read the review...

What Smart Home Tech are Canadians Excited About this Holiday Season?

Canadians love smart home tech, and today we learn what products excite you most in a blog inspired by your many comments in our smart home contest threads.

What can Google Home smart speakers do?

Bringing a smart speaker into your home is the first step to changing how you interact and control compatible devices, and Google Home is among the industry leaders right now.

CES 2016: LG makes a splash with motion-sensing appliances & TVs...

One of the coolest booths at the Consumer Electronics Show has to be the LG booth. It’s packed with mind-blowing new gadgets, appliances that are super-smart and connected, and TVs that are unbelieveably realistic. Plus a few handy gadgets too.

Aura Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame review

The Aura Sawyer is a premium Wi-Fi connected digital photo frame with modern style, a high resolution display that rivals a tablet, and an easy-to-use app.

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