Expanding Your Smart Home System with Smart Cameras

Learn why expanding your smart home system with smart security cameras isn't just a smart move for your home, but also for you and your family.

How to control your smart home with Nest Audio

Check out my full guide on how to add smart devices to the Nest Audio. The new Google hardware can act as the centre of your smart home. Here's how.

New Arlo Security System Announced at CES 2019

If home security is a big priority for you, step on in and learn all about the newly announced Arlo Security System from CES 2019. It's here to protect you!

How to make holiday lights blink when someone rings your doorbell

‘Tis the season for holiday lights! Learn how to make them blink (via an IFTTT recipe) when someone rings your doorbell with this easy how-to.

Google Home workshops at select Best Buy stores

Attend a Google Home workshop at select Best Buy stores across Canada to learn how to control your technology with voice activation.

TP-Link & Kasa Smart Make Major Announcement at 2019 CES

If you're into smart home products pertaining to security and convenience, you'll want to know what TP-Link and Kasa Smart just revealed at the 2019 CES.

Top 10 things I saw at CES 2016 I can’t forget!

There are quite literally tens of thousands of things to see at the anual Consumer Electronics show, the trade show that previews all the coming technology to retail and tech professionals. This year, I whittled down what I saw to 10 really cool things; from a levitating speaker to award-winning battery cases for smartphones, there’s a lot of new tech I’m coveting.

CES 2016: Belkin promises faster transfers and wins an innovation award

It’s been an eventful CES for Belkin so far. Not only have they unveiled more products in their growing line of USB-C devices and unveiled new charge docks for the Apple Watch. Read on to find out more on these gadgets as well as which one is taking home a CES Best of Innovation award!

Video Doorbell Pro from Ring reviewed

When you take it out of the box, the Ring Pro Video Doorbell looks as though it may be hard to install with all sorts of little pieces and wires. Once you get into it though, you'll see it's anything but. In fact, Ring is so confident that you can install it yourself that it will pay for free installation if you cannot. With cloud storage capabilities, motion detection and 1080p video output, Ring Pro is ready to be your next Home Automation pick up. Come take a look!

Philips Hue Play Light Bar Kit Review

Want to make your gaming more intense, or to sync your lights to your TV? You can do it with the Philips Hue Play light bars. Here's how...

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