Review of the Uniden App Solo Wi-Fi IP Camera

The Uniden App Solo is a simple yet highly customizable smart security camera that can bring peace of mind while working inside or outside your home.

Ring Video Doorbell Review

See who's at your door so you don't open it to strangers or people you don't want to get stuck in conversation with. Review of Ring Video Doorbell

Netgear Arlo Pro home security camera Solar Panel review

If you have an Arlo Pro home security camera you need to take a look at the Arlo Solar Panel. It keeps your camera charged to 100% by harnessing the power of the sun.

Holiday lights: Playbulb String, Garden & more reviewed

Make your holiday decorating easy; get smart lights you can control with your smartphone & never crawl under the Christmas tree again! Read our Playbulb holiday light review

CES 2016: Belkin promises faster transfers and wins an innovation award

It’s been an eventful CES for Belkin so far. Not only have they unveiled more products in their growing line of USB-C devices and unveiled new charge docks for the Apple Watch. Read on to find out more on these gadgets as well as which one is taking home a CES Best of Innovation award!

Smart Voice Control Explained: Using With and Without Your Smart Phone

Do you need your phone to use smart voice control assistants? I've got some tips you can use to get up to speed on all things voice control.

Arlo Go Home Security Camera Review

Arlo Go home security cameras run on their own cellular 3G or 4G LTE network. Because you don't need Wi-Fi to use them, you can place them anywhere and be covered.

The Connected Home Series: Getting Through the Front Door

In this edition of Connected Home, I take a look at keyless entry. There’s a much smaller selection of keyless entry home devices than some other things like light switches and bulbs, but what’s out there is high quality and easy to enjoy. Are you looking for a new deadbolt system altogether, or something that works with your existing keys and lock system? I’ll lay out some options for you and compare a couple products out there already.

An IP Security Camera is Helping Me Care for My Injured...

IP cameras are best known for home security, or for installation in a baby’s nursery. I recently found another use for the connected cameras we have as part of our security system: I repurposed them to monitor our injured dog. Because of the real-time feed from the cameras, we are able to leave her for short periods of time, the vet has video proof of her recovery process and our household is much closer to normal than it would have been otherwise. In fact, I’m not sure how we could have pulled this off without remote camera access.

Winter’s Coming, Better Get a Smart Thermostat is Part 11 of...

If you want to stay warm and toasty this Winter, there's no better way than by installing a brand new energy saving smart thermostat. Let's find out why!

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