A review of August’s new locks and doorbell cam pro

August's newest smart locks and Doorbell Cam Pro work together to create a smart and easy ecosystem at your front door. Time to say hello all over again!

5 New Smart Home Technologies You Need to Learn About

Today I'm looking at five new smart home technologies that have come out over the last few months and promise to change all of our lives for the better!

New smart tech you’re going to want to use in your...

Eveyrone has regrets during renovations, but the smartest decision I made during mine was setting my house up to be a full smart home. I've got a lot of great devices installed, but I'm really excited to see what's around the corner in the smart home market.

3 connected devices that help older Canadians cope with social distancing

Looking for ways to help your grandparents adjust to the challenges of social distancing? These 3 smart devices will help them to stay connected with family and help combat feelings of isolation.

Nanoleaf Aurora – Reviewing a whole new way to light

How we light our homes hasn't changed much since the light bulb was invented. But now a Canadian company has created strong, flat lighting panels with a dazzling array of colours and tricks that go up easily in your home; you don't need a drill, or an electrician to install them either. Find out whether Nanoleaf Aurora could be the smart and fun lighting solution you've been waiting for.

How to make holiday lights blink when someone rings your doorbell

‘Tis the season for holiday lights! Learn how to make them blink (via an IFTTT recipe) when someone rings your doorbell with this easy how-to.

Lumenari Smart Lighting Review: ELA Smart Hub, Chroma Bulb, and Smart...

Today we examine the latest development in smart lighting: The Lumenari ELA Smart Hub, ELA Chroma Bulb, and ELA Smart Bulb. Click through to learn more.

How to Plan Your Smart Home Security System

Planning a Smart Home Security System is a snap. From choosing the right cameras to thinking about storage options, read on to help your plan come to life!

Smart Home System Series – Home Security Systems/IP Cameras

The Smart Home concept makes our living spaces infinitely more convenient and comfortable, by allowing us to monitor and manipulate various aspects of our homes, such as lights, temperature and air quality, through our smartphones. But, one of the more important aspects of a Smart Home is the enhanced security it can offer. In this instalment of my ongoing Smart Home System Series, I fill you in on the benefits of a Smart Home Security System/IP Cameras.

D-Link Announces New HD Security Cameras at CES

If you'd like to learn about D-Link's latest HD Security Camera offerings, just announced today at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, then click on through and check them out.

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