Smart Gifts for Husbands & Boyfriends… to Give!

Today I explore smart gifts for husbands and boyfriends to give to their partners—a subject that, despite being married myself, I can claim no expertise in!

Amazon Echo Show 5 Review

For basic functionality on a budget, the Amazon Echo Show 5 really delivers. However: here's why it isn't a replacement for the Echo Show.

Amazon Announces Several Exciting New Products!

Huge announcements today from Amazon regarding a whole slew of great new feature rich smart products and updates of existing products. Click to learn all.

Philips Hue Go review

When Philips Hue launched I was fascinated and excited by it: a light bulb that connects to my wireless network that could be controlled by my iPhone … and change to any colour! Very cool. Hue has done well, and the line has diversified, growing to encompass other smartphone platforms and different bulb types. With Hue Go, Philips is launching a different type of product: a light that stands alone or connects with your network … but that you can take with you. I had the chance to use it for a week. Here’s what that was like.

The Smart Home Series: Arlo Brings a DIY Security Project Without...

If you can't stand the view of wires dangling down the wall or across the room to keep a surveillance camera active in the home or workplace, Netgear's Arlo HD Camera is for you. Arlo's the world's first wire-free, HD and waterproof indoor and outdoor camera and it's easy to set up through the smartphone app and a few presses of buttons.

Google Home: What is it and when will it be available

Google Home is one of the newest players in the smart home game, and it’s generating a lot of buzz. What is it and when will it be available in Canada? Read on to find out all about Google Home.

Nest technology integration will make your home smarter than ever before

“Works with Nest” is a growing program of smart products that work with the growing line of Nest products and applications. Some of those products (including Nest’s) are available now at Best Buy, and all bring you closer to having control of your home even when you’re not around.  Increased safety, comfort and functionality are at your fingertips.  Read on to find out just what “Works with Nest” now.

Winter’s Coming, Better Get a Smart Thermostat is Part 11 of...

If you want to stay warm and toasty this Winter, there's no better way than by installing a brand new energy saving smart thermostat. Let's find out why!

Guardzilla Review: Making Strides towards an Affordable Home Security System

If you’re curious about the effectiveness of the Guardzilla Wireless All-In-One Video Security System, read on for all of the details. Inside I discuss features, specifications, and just how well this low cost security system performs. You’ll hear about a few bugs, but you’ll also hear about a system that has the potential to be the answer to your home security needs!

Review: Connect to Your Existing Home Alarm with Safe by HUB6

Safe by HUB6 is a smart home device that lets you skip monthly fees by retrofitting your existing home alarm to access via a smartphone or tablet.

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