For those who've already purchased 4K sets, and those who are thinking about an upgrade, constantly wondering what to watch has been a source of frustration. The list of available content in Canada continues to grow monthly. And while some TV providers are still waiting to jump into the 4K Pool, there’s starting to be enough content out there to make adopting 4K technology worthwhile.

There are quite literally tens of thousands of things to see at the anual Consumer Electronics show, the trade show that previews all the coming technology to retail and tech professionals. This year, I whittled down what I saw to 10 really cool things; from a levitating speaker to award-winning battery cases for smartphones, there’s a lot of new tech I’m coveting.

 Looking for ways to improve your home theatre experience? Here are 10 suggestions, both big and small, that you can implement today.

Flat screen TVs keep getting bigger, skinnier and lighter, which is awesome. Except for one thing! They can fall over without a lot of effort. The old CRT TVs (remember those?) would never fall over because they were the shape of a box, and they weighed a ton. They were a pain to move around at the best of times, but the new flat screens have a high center of gravity and are pretty tippy, so a little nudge or bump of your entertainment system could spell disaster. I want to suggest a solution before you experience a disaster in your home.

    Samsung has just launched their most exciting new TV’s for 2014 – their curved series of LED and Ultra HD LED TVs. The Samsung H8000 and HU9000 sets are fantastic displays with a lot of excellent extra features in addition to the curved profile. For a more detailed description, check out my previous post outlining everything they have to offer. The curved profile gives them a striking look that makes them very unique. But does the curved design mean you have to confine this beautiful TV to a stand on a shelf or table? Or can you mount this beauty on the wall? What is the best option?

Upscaling and upconverting features, which help make non-native video look presentable on larger resolution displays, have been with us for a while now but have become more important considerations for 4K and Ultra HD TV buyers. With various models are coming down in price, there’s a greater range of display sizes available, making 4K and Ultra HD TVs more viable for consumers

Roku is releasing a new Streaming Stick device in Canada this month, and aside from its diminutive size and powerful performance, a neat added feature is the ability to use the free Roku app on your smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) to listen to the audio of whatever you’re watching using.

If you’re a bit of a technophile or are in the market for a new television, you may have heard of something called OLED; but what is it? How does it differ from LED technology? What makes it special? In an effort to demystify OLED, I’ve put together what I call OLED 101 – the bare bones facts about this technology that is very likely here to stay. 

LG Electronics is one of the top makers of home theatre systems, so you can bet they know a thing or two about reproducing great sound in your living room. The company has announced its new LG Sound Bar, promising it will deliver “the Smartest Sound.” How are they going to do it? Read on to find out the juicy details about the new LG Sound Bar.

With 4K, HDR, and Android TV, the Sony X900E aims to deliver an impressive package of software and technology. Check out this review to see how it performs.

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