LG Sound BAr  with google cast2.jpgWhen it comes to entertainment, sound is a very important component to me. When I play movies at home on my big screen, I want there to be big, booming explosions and hails of bullets shaking my windows. It’s the only way to enjoy an action flick and annoy your neighbours at the same time. It’s the same when it comes to blasting music throughout my abode. It has be crystal-clear and loud … and I mean like, loud enough to inspire those same neighbours to come banging on my front door. Hey, I’ll turn down the music when you take care of that tree branch that puts leaves all over my lawn.

LG Sound Bar with Google Cast

Neighbourly love aside, I am currently looking for a new setup for my home theatre/music system, and it looks like LG’s new Sound Bar may be what I need. The company is one of the most recognized home theatre manufacturers, and they’re saying the new Sound Bar delivers the “smartest sound,” whatever that means. So, what does the new LG Sound Bar offer? Read on and find out for yourself.

lg1LG SH7B 360-Watt 4.1-Channel Multi-room WiFi Sound Bar lg2LG 360-Watt Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer  


LG LAS950M 700-Watt 7.1-Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer


Adaptive Sound Control

Does your sound system have all these “effects” presets? My old system does. They have labels like “Jazz” or “Theatre.” Yeah, I don’t ever use mine, either. And that’s the problem. These effects setups are very useful for getting the highest fidelity and best sound out of various content, however it’s such a freakin’ hassle to switch modes every time you change content—nobody does it. And since most content is either from music or movies, those default settings we all use just end up giving us unclear voices caused by high bass levels, or unsatisfying, tinny music. LG’s Adaptive Sound Control technology checks the voice level every 15 seconds and adjusts it accordingly. The Sound Bar actually recognizes voice-oriented content and seamlessly changes levels automatically, so no more messing with settings—ever!

Google Cast

Some companies limit what you can stream over their sound bars, or don’t support certain streaming music services. That’s a real bummer if you use more than a few services to stream your tunes into your home. But the new LG Sound Bar has Google Cast built-in, which means you can stream millions of songs, podcasts and stations from Cast-enabled apps on your phone or tablet. The LG Sound Bar also supports Bluetooth playback, so really any service can be streamed to the device.

One-Button Home Cinema Setup

I like the simple and uncomplicated look of a sound bar, however they don’t always deliver a truly surround sound experience that will make your neighbours wonder if World War III just started in your living room. The new LG Sound Bar fixes the problem by allowing you to create a true surround system by adding two Wi-Fi speakers to complete the setup. All you have to do is press one single button on the sound bar, and it will automatically connect to the two new LG wireless speakers. No muss, no fuss.

It sounds like LG has put a lot of thought into the needs and convenience of home theatre users and music lovers… however, even though it all looks pretty good on paper, I’d still need to test out the new LG Sound Bar’s capabilities live at home, and see whether it’ll help annoy my neighbours into raking those leaves.

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