Cleaning Your TV Screen – The Do’s and Don’ts

    When was the last time you cleaned your TV screen?  How did you do it? For something that you probably spend so much time looking at, you really should clean it every now and then – every HDTV needs it at some point. The screen is electrostatic so it will attract dust and dirt, plus the occasional beer or other spray won’t help you see a clear picture. Cleaning it seems like a simple thing to do, but you really need to be careful as you could ruin the screen.

Basic Types of Surround Sound Systems – 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1

Surround sound systems can be very confusing, with all the different channel configurations and associated technologies. If you are in the market for a surround sound system you need to break through some of the clutter here is a basic primer on surround that I hope will help.   Surround sound is one of the best ways to improve the entertainment value of your big screen TV.

A Primer for Streaming Content to Your TV

Every year we spend more time on the Internet and less time watching TV and this trend isn’t slowing down. The younger demographic typically spends even more time on the Internet than watching TV. There are a lot of contributing factors including the plethora of Internet devices, the ubiquitous nature of the Internet, and the amazing growth of excellent content. When at home why not view some of that content on your best viewing device – your big flat screen TV? Especially when watching videos or films, why huddle around your computer, tablet, or Smartphone? There are many simple ways to stream that content to your TV. Here is a Reader’s Digest description of a few of them.

Are Sound Bars Worth the Investment?

  Flat panel TV’s keep getting more incredible. Clearer pictures with Ultra HD 4K, and bigger screens that keep getting thinner and thinner. While the picture keeps getting better, the sound isn’t improving much because it is next to impossible to put decent speakers in a very thin panel. This is why sound bars have become extremely popular. They are very easy to set up, they look good, are non-obtrusive, and very cost effective. But are they really worth the investment? Like so many things – it depends!

The Best TV’s from the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show

New Televisions were a big part of last month’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas, and the big brands were all strutting their stuff trying to take a lead position by showing off their latest and greatest technologies.  Some of it was a bit of fluff, but fortunately there was a lot of great stuff too. I am going to give you my take on the “best-in-show.”

Getting the Most Out of Your Apple TV

  For most of you that have an Apple TV, I am betting you simply set it up and have been enjoying it ever since – and you haven’t touched it since (except to watch stuff) to customize it for your particular needs. One of the nice things about Apple TV is it is easy to set up and use, so most people just plug it in and away they go. Well I am going to let you know of some simple things that you should do to improve the experience you have with Apple TV.  Easy!

Apps to Improve Your Home Theatre Experience

In the mid-1980’s, one of the most popular cartoons on TV was the Jetsons – a space age family with a robot for a maid and the coolest gadgets known to man at their disposal. To the Jetsons, everything was available at the click of a button … which, when you think about it, isn’t all that different than today. Apps are everywhere. At the touch of a button or swipe of a screen we have the world at our disposal. So much so, that more often than not, we’re not content with the concept of “out of the box.” Nope, we want to find the latest and greatest app to make our toys better, faster, and the envy of our friends. So, if you want to “Jetson-ize” your home theater, here are 5 apps you need to download. 

Small Speakers, Big Sound: JBL 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre System (BD300)

Turn your favorite movies into a whole new experience with the JBL 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre System.

Boost your 4K viewing with an HDTV antenna

HDTV is all about that crisp picture with intense colours and the technology is about to take a leap at this year’s Super Bowl transmission. CBS Sports is introducing Heyeper Zoom delivering with video at  3840 x 2160 resolution.   The new 4K SmartTVs will be able to deliver the goods on the Heyeper Zoom but you could also consider installing a new HDTV antenna.   Learn what you need to do to bring 4K to your HDTV.

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