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Like a lot of people, my guilty pleasure is watching television. With all the choices on cable, plus Netflix, and my on-demand service, not to mention my BlueRay player and all the movies I own, there are a lot of options for content. However, none of that content would mean anything without a really good television on which to watch it all. The new Samsung KU6500 Series represents the pinnacle of modern TV tech, and it is an exclusive at Best Buy. Why is this such a good TV? Read on for my announcement of the Samsung KU6500 Series of TVs coming to Best Buy.

Curved for Your Viewing Pleasure

The Samsung KU6500 Series (available in 49’, 55’ and 65’-configuarations) features a curved screen. While some don’t appreciate curved screens, I’m a bit of a fan myself. Not only do curved screens give you great viewing at practically any angle, I kind of like how a curved screen makes me feel like I’m almost surrounded by the picture. The Samsung KU6500 Smart TVs also offer a 3840x2160p UHD resolution, as well as Auto-Depth Enhancer (for greater depth and clarity), UHD Up-Scaling, and a quad-core processor. It lets you enjoy 4K Ultra HD (UHD) resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR) content, plus a fuller spectrum of colour with its PurColor technology.

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Smart Remote Control

An awesome feature of the KU6500 Series is the Smart Remote Control. It offers a cutting-edge touchpad that easily allows you to navigate both your Smart TV and other devices. It can also be used as a universal remote, so you can control all your media devices with just the one cool controller. Best of all, no line of sight is required to use the remote (it connects with Bluetooth) so no more waggling your remote around trying to make things work.

TV Sound Connect

TV Sound Connect lets you add a Samsung sound bar to your home theatre set-up, through a wireless connection form the sound bar to the KU6500. So you can move the sound bar around to wherever you want, whenever you want, plus you can control both the TV’s volume and the sound bar’s volume right from the Smart Remote.

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Bluetooth Headphones

One of my favourite features of the Samsung KU6500 series is that through Bluetooth, you can connect some wireless headphones, so you can enjoy you movies and television shows without disturbing anyone else. I’m a bit of a nighthawk, so I tend to stay up way later than everyone else in my household. Being able to slip on a pair of Bluetooth headphones so I can enjoy the full range of sounds in my media (instead of having to lean in and concentrate to hear anything with the volume turned down low so as not to wake anyone) seems like a godsend.

Overall, early reviews have nothing but good things to say about the new Samsung KU6500 Series of Smart Televisions. Check them out in-store, and judge for yourself if they’re worth being an exclusive item at Best Buy.

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