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OnePlus 12 review

It’s easy to like how the OnePlus 12 looks compared to other smartphones courtesy of its gorgeous design, but there’s more to it than that.

CES 2021 mobile gaming roundup

CES has had an abundance of mobile gaming announcements. Let’s look at some of the biggest announcements and innovations coming out of the show this year.

Motorola Talkabout T800 2-Way Bluetooth Radios Review

Today we check out the new Motorola Talkabout T800 Two-Way Bluetooth Radios to see if they live up to their impressive claims of off-the-grid usefulness.

Mobile World Congress (MWC 2015) day one wrap

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the world’s biggest event for mobile technology. Want to know what smartphones will be the “must have” devices this year? Look to the MWC 2015 reveals to find out. Monday was officially the first day of the conference (it runs until March 5), but there were some major media events on Sunday, too. Here’s what you need to know after the first full day of Mobile World Congress.

LG G7 ThinQ Overview

LG has been listening to customers and has made some overall pleasing design changes to its flagship LG G7 ThinQ now with some AI to complement its high end specs.

How to get movie effects on video shot from a phone


We’re in a golden age of home movies thanks to the built-in video shooting capability of most mobile phones and there are people making big bucks posting professional looking videos on sites like YouTube —that are shot on their smartphone. How do you go from shaky, raw smartphone footage to polished looking results with subtitles, special effects and animated overlays? It’s actually pretty easy and the best part is, you can pump up your phone footage with movie effects for next to nothing and sometimes even for free.

Review: LG G5 looks to change how smartphones work

In some respects, LG has nothing to lose. Quietly building momentum with the previous two flagship smartphone iterations, the G3 and G4, the G5 has turned the company’s previous efforts on their heads. Having embraced an all-metal body for the phone, the design philosophy swerves dramatically to make it modular, too. Not only is the battery removable, but the idea is to enhance the phone’s features with hardware add-ons.

Google reveals new Pixel phones, Home mini and various accessories

From smaller smart speakers, a new 4-in-1 Pixelbook and updated Pixel phones, Google is bringing its hardware, software and machine learning powered devices to Best Buy this fall

Preview: Nokia Lumia 625


Fans of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system have less choice in smartphones than their Android counterparts, so it’s always news when a new device arrives in Canada. Nokia’s Lumia line of smartphones set the standard for the Windows Phone experience and the Lumia 625 is set to raise the bar for value-priced Windows mobile devices. Improving on 2012’s Lumia 620, the 625 gains a faster Snapdragon CPU, bigger display, LTE compatibility and a leap in battery life. There are some compromises compared to the 620 (for example, NFC support has been dropped) but the Lumia 625 provides much of the experience of more expensive smartphones in a budget-friendly device. Expect to see it soon at Best Buy.  

10 new features in Android 10 you want to use

Google officially released the latest version of Android, and though the dessert names are gone, there’s still a plate full of improvements to try out.