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Screen protectors are the best way to protect your phone

Smartphones don't usually come cheap, and as integral personal devices that serve a variety of needs every day, protecting them is all the more important to keep working well and looking good.

Samsung unveils new phones and wearables at Unpacked

Samsung unveiled several new devices at its Unpacked event in San Francisco, including the Galaxy S10, Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Fit.

Enter for a chance to win the new DJI Osmo Mobile...

Great video recording on your smartphone is much easier with the new DJI Osmo Mobile 4 and you have a chance to win one from Best Buy and DJI.

5 Fashionable Cases that Make your Smartphone Stylish

How often do you leave your mobile phone at home when you go out? My guess is never. Though you might become preoccupied with all the things you need to do and accidentally forget it, chances are you’d return to pick it up. Since your cell phone is such an extension of yourself, why not give it an outfit? Let’s look at some fashionable cases for the iPhone and Android. Lumee: I was excited to hear that Best Buy is...

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review

If a big phone with a big screen and a better stylus is what you’re looking for, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may be just the right size.

Review: Nexus 6P is a serious contender

Nexus smartphones have usually required accepting a compromise or two. A clean, untouched version of Android, and among the first to get the latest updates. Good design with solid all-around performance, at the expense of great battery life and an impressive camera. The Nexus 6P represents an end to the enduring concessions that characterized these phones in the past, and stakes a claim to being one of the best Android phones of 2015.

Exciting new accessories for your cellphone

Accessories for your cellphone take a useful technological gadget and transform it into an essential digital tool. Check these accessories out!

Easy everyday cell phone tips: setting up a selfie stick with...

It's the time of the selfie – and what better to help you take it than a selfie stick?

S health is the new fitness coach

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is being released for spring and one of the key features is the new and improved S Health app.   This powerful health management system signals that Samsung is positioning itself as a key player in the fitness tracking market.   Find out how S Health app can help you get  in shape and on the road to a healthy lifestyle — just in time for summer.  

Review of Nuu M2 and Z8 smartphones

Nuu is a maker of budget pre-paid handsets ideal for users looking for an upgrade over a basic feature phone or who need a second device.

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