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What microSD card should you choose for your phone?

Not all smartphones have slots for microSD cards, but for those that do, they can be a real storage lifeline when space on the handset itself is full.

Give her a great gift for her phone

Great tech accessories that will be welcome additions under the tree for a special woman in your life, enhancing or accessorizing her smartphone or camera.

9 Tips and Tricks for Using Your iPhone

Our mobile phones are our most prized possessions. Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme. But let’s be honest: we feel really weird when we accidentally leave our phones at home. I admit that I’m dependent on my phone in both my personal and professional life, which is why I love to learn clever hacks to get the most out of it. I’ve listed nine basic tips below.

Moto G’s helpful and fun features

Sometimes a return to basics gives you enough features that you can forgo the more expensive models out there. I will first give an overall review of the Moto G, then delve a bit deeper into its unique apps including Motorola Migrate, Assist, Alert  as well as the privacy settings, speakers, camera and video features. 

How to create and use AR Emojis on the Samsung Galaxy...

There's a generation of users that communicate using emoji. Adding your own face spices things up and makes messaging more personal.

First look at the new Samsung Galaxy S22 phones

Samsung announced a new set of smartphones in the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22. A little hands-on time gives a few clues on what to expect.

Enter for a chance to win the amazing Samsung Galaxy S20...

Winning what likely is the best phone available this year is now possible by simply entering this new contest by Best Buy to win a new Samsung smartphone.

5 ways to keep your personal data safe on your smartphone

Keeping your smartphone safe can mean more than just ensuring it doesn’t fall into a toilet or hard concrete and meet an untimely death. It also means taking proper steps to protect the data—your personal data—stored on that phone to keep the wrong people away from it. If smartphone security is a concern of yours, then you may want to consider these methods for ramping your privacy and protecting what’s yours.

Review: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

Samsung likes curves enough to put them on almost any screen they can find. Curved TVs are one thing, but this year, the company has really pushed the idea of curved displays on smartphones. The Galaxy S6 Edge, when it launched in the spring, was the first smartphone to have a dual-curved edge display. Now, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ offers a bigger screen with a lot of the same functionality.

Enter for a chance to win the new DJI Osmo Mobile...

Great video recording on your smartphone is much easier with the new DJI Osmo Mobile 4 and you have a chance to win one from Best Buy and DJI.

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