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How to get movie effects on video shot from a phone

We’re in a golden age of home movies thanks to the built-in video shooting capability of most mobile phones and there are people making big bucks posting professional looking videos on sites like YouTube —that are shot on their smartphone. How do you go from shaky, raw smartphone footage to polished looking results with subtitles, special effects and animated overlays? It’s actually pretty easy and the best part is, you can pump up your phone footage with movie effects for next to nothing and sometimes even for free.

Platinum 3-Port 65W USB-C Wall Charger review

The Platinum 3-Pot aims to prove that having a powerful and adaptable wall charger for more than one device is not only handy, but also often necessary.

Smartphone operating systems compared

When it comes to choosing a new smartphone, hardware features are important —the display size, CPU and camera image sensor are always something to consider. The operating system is arguably an even more important choice. Right now there are four main mobile operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry. Not sure which one should be on your next smartphone? I’m here to help you choose.

Apple unveils new iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and services

Apple officially launched new devices at a keynote today, including the iPhone 11, new iPad, Apple Watch Series 5, plus Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade.

How to create your own ringtones in iTunes in 6 easy...

Not satisfied with the default ringtones in iOS 7? Many iPhone owners are happy enough with “Cosmic,” “Stargaze” or classics like “Old Phone.” But if you’re bored with the ringtones you get as part of iOS 7 or you’re tired of reaching for your phone (along with dozens of people around you in the mall) every time you hear that familiar ring, maybe it’s time to change things up. Maybe you’d like a riff from your favourite song instead. While you can buy pre-made music ringtones directly from your iPhone, it’s easy to create your own from your iTunes music library. Here’s how.  

What you should do if the screen cracks on your phone

We've all seen it (or done it): the sad conundrum of a cracked smartphone screen. Here's how to fix one, or how to prevent the issue altogether.

How to deal with a lost or stolen smartphone

Losing a smartphone, or having it stolen is a terrible feeling. For such a personal device, a smartphone is highly susceptible to either scenario, and as such, some precautions should be taken to mitigate the fallout from it. Each mobile platform has some form of protection in place, but they usually aren’t on by default. Here’s what you need to know and what you can do to for preparation and response.

Samsung unveils new Gear 360 and Gear VR

Much of the buzz from Samsung’s big reveal for its Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ smartphones included new accessories designed to work in tandem with them—a new Gear 360 camera and new Gear VR headset. Plus, a new docking station rounds out an interesting mix.

10 new features in Android 10 you want to use

Google officially released the latest version of Android, and though the dessert names are gone, there’s still a plate full of improvements to try out.

Easy everyday cell phone tips: setting up a selfie stick with...

It's the time of the selfie – and what better to help you take it than a selfie stick?

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