Get into the new hockey season with NHL GameCenter

The new NHL season has kicked off, and if you are looking to take in a lot of the action for the next several months, then you may want to give NHL GameCenter a try. The streaming service offers just about every game, and if you are a fan of a team in another city, you will be able to tune in almost anywhere you are.

9 Tips and Tricks for Using Your iPhone

Our mobile phones are our most prized possessions. Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme. But let’s be honest: we feel really weird when we accidentally leave our phones at home. I admit that I’m dependent on my phone in both my personal and professional life, which is why I love to learn clever hacks to get the most out of it. I’ve listed nine basic tips below.

Cyber safety tips for you and your smartphone

When you think of cybersecurity or cyber safety, are you more likely to think of hackers targeting big corporations or governments rather than your own personal vulnerability. The wide open world of cyberspace is something you regularly interact with every time you browse a website, click a link, post on social media and chat online. But your online risk extends beyond those things because you can leave behind a digital footprint without realizing it, or expose your data in ways you didn’t intend to. This article is part of a series of articles that my Plug-in Blog colleagues and I are publishing over the next few weeks offering helpful tips and information about many topics related to cybersecurity. Today I will explore personal smartphone security.

Staying Safe While Posting Images Online

Kids have access to technology and social media more than ever before. Check out these tips to help your kids stay safe when they are posting images online.

Review: Nexus 6P is a serious contender

Nexus smartphones have usually required accepting a compromise or two. A clean, untouched version of Android, and among the first to get the latest updates. Good design with solid all-around performance, at the expense of great battery life and an impressive camera. The Nexus 6P represents an end to the enduring concessions that characterized these phones in the past, and stakes a claim to being one of the best Android phones of 2015.

Mobile accessories at CES 2021

From wireless chargers to heart rate monitoing armbands, there are plenty of innovative mobile accessories to see at CES 2021.

Google announces the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones

Google unveiled its highly-anticipated Pixel smartphones, officially retiring the Nexus name, and claiming to have produced “the best smartphone camera anyone has ever made.” While it’s too soon to confirm that, the devices are the most luxurious designs under Google’s branding, and are firmly in the premium category.

Sony Z3 smartphone review: a big, beautiful Android flagship with amazing...

Sony has been making waves with its latest smartphones, the Z3 Compact and the flagship Xperia Z3. I just sent a loaner Xperia Z3 back to Sony after several weeks of enjoying its big screen Android experience. This is one nice-looking smartphone and just in time for winter snow showers, it’s waterproof. And don’t get me started on the battery life. Read on for my full Sony Xperia Z3 experience.

Asus Zenfone 4 review

Asus comes back again with a trio of new smartphones, with the Zenfone 4 leading the charge as the most compelling of the bunch.

How to buy a cell phone

There is probably no other technology more personal than a cell phone. Buying one requires some patience in knowing what you want to gain from it.

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