Review: Leef iAccess boosts your iPhone’s memory [VIDEO]

 The dreaded “Can’t take photo. There is not enough storage space” message is history on my iPhone thanks to Leef iAccess. It’s a small, easy to use microSD reader that you can attach and leave on your phone to expand your memory up to 128 GB, and it’s the perfect summer accessory for anyone who wants the freedom to use their phone without storage issues. 

Rainproof and snowproof smartphone cases roundup

Most smartphones and tablets meet their untimely end by falling in bodies of water, being left out in the elements or when used in freezing or extremely wet conditions. Thankfully, there are various options out there that can help protect precious mobile devices.

How to watch TV on your phone and what to watch

Wondering the best way to get streaming TV on your phone, and what there realy is to watch in Canada anyway? We've got the scoop!

Google Pixel 3a review

Google has re-entered the mid-range smartphone arena with the new Pixel 3a (and Pixel 3a XL), offering one of the best affordable handsets available.

Review: Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung may give a little more precedence to its edged displays, like that on the Galaxy S7 Edge, but the more traditional “flat” Galaxy S7 is another option. Simplifying things to two devices, Samsung has essentially boiled it down to a choice between going with the edge or not. The Galaxy S7 hasn’t been deprived of anything, sporting the same internal specs and overall performance as its edged counterpart, including the incremental additions and improvements.

Best smartphone accessories for under $50

There are a lot of choices for finding smartphone accessories under $50 that can enhance and improve ownership of this most personal device. Here are some of our picks.

The top features on Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Now that Google has released its latest version of Android, 6.0 Marshmallow, the rollout will come in stages as each smartphone and tablet manufacturer optimizes its respective software overlays to work with it. For the moment, only the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X and HTC One A9 run Marshmallow, but in time, a much wider range of devices will, and there are a number of new features that go with it.

Review: LG G5 looks to change how smartphones work

In some respects, LG has nothing to lose. Quietly building momentum with the previous two flagship smartphone iterations, the G3 and G4, the G5 has turned the company’s previous efforts on their heads. Having embraced an all-metal body for the phone, the design philosophy swerves dramatically to make it modular, too. Not only is the battery removable, but the idea is to enhance the phone’s features with hardware add-ons.

LG G5 goes metal and modular, includes removable battery

LG turned a few heads at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 in Barcelona when it unveiled the G5, the company’s latest flagship smartphone that not only is made of metal, but also features a modular design that allows it to work with unique plug-in accessories. A dual lens setup in the rear includes a very wide angle lens and a fingerprint reader on the power button in the back.

What to do if you drop your phone in water

Dropped your brand new smartphone in water? Even if it isn't waterproof or water-resistant, there are still ways to save it from certain death.

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