VOSKER provides outdoor security camera solutions that you can use almost anywhere. Their newest camera, the V300 Ultimate 4G-LTE Live View Security Camera, functions quite differently from the many other kinds of smart cameras that I have tested. It doesn’t require power or an internet signal, yet the images and photos it captures can be viewed on your mobile device from anywhere in the world. Learn if this is the camera you’ve been looking for then enter for a chance to win a new V300 Ultimate for your home or business.

No wires, no Wi-Fi, and no power connection required

I live on an island that serves as a summer vacation spot for many families. As such, some of the homes are not occupied for parts of the year. I’m sure this is common for many vacation hotspots. The homes are without power, and/or internet, throughout the colder, darker seasons. Many construction sites have a similar problem: either no power or no Wi-Fi is available. In situations like these, where power or Wi-Fi are simply not available, typical smart home cameras are ineffective for prevention or detection of trespassers or thieves. The V300 Ultimate, however, is uniquely different from typical smart home cameras.

I tried out this camera and can confirm it does what it promises to do: from anywhere in the world you can access photos and video from your camera. It also promises to be a “set it and forget it” solution too. We sent one of these cameras to Shelly for a detailed review. Read her article to learn about all of the features of this camera, to learn how to mount it, and to learn about the cloud storage plans that you’ll need to get the most from this camera.

Cellular connection + solar power = all year long security

I’ve used almost all types of security cameras, from the kind that connect to a DVR, using long wires for power and signal, to the more versatile kind with batteries that you need to recharge every few months. The VOSKER V300 Ultimate offers freedom from wires and batteries, while maintaining connectivity via the internet. The camera comes with everything you need.

Cellular connectivity: inside the camera is a cellular 4G LTE chip enabling you to connect to the VOSKER servers. VOSKER has a variety of cloud access plans and I think that their basic plan will be sufficient for most people’s needs. Another options for accessing the stored images and video is to remove the included 32GB SD card to read the data directly from the card. I think most people, though will rely on the convenience of viewing the captured video using the app.

Battery + solar panel: VOSKER promises a year or more V300 Ultimate usage with no maintenance or charging thanks to the included solar panel. I assume the duration of uninterrupted use will depend on how often the camera is streaming video or photos to the cloud. The more you use it, the faster the batteries will discharge and may require more time to recharge, especially in the darker Winter months. The camera has a removable 14000mAh battery that powers the camera. The solar panel has a built-in, non-removable 15000mAh battery, that can be connected to the camera. It can also be used to power other external devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smart lights, and more.

Durable and weather-resistant:  One final feature to call out is that these cameras are built for the outdoors. Will the V300 Ultimate hold up to a harsh, snowy winter? According to the specs it should. The casing of the cameras is hard black plastic and weather resistant: it should stand up to most conditions. It’s also rated for a broad temperature range: -30C to +50C. I’ve only ever had one smart camera fail due to temperature thanks to the heat dome a while back when my deck recorded temperatures over 50C: one of my IP cameras mounted on the side of the house melted!

One last feature that may prove useful is the built-in GPS tracker. If someone steals the camera itself, you can contact VOSKER and they use this component to track down the camera.

Where will you use a VOSKER V300 Ultimate

Best Buy has a range of security camera options for a range of home situations. If you are looking for a camera above your garage close to your home internet router and to power, then use a floodlight cam or some thing similar (and Best Buy has a variety of these). If you are looking for a camera near the front door of your home in city or suburbs, then a doorbell camera may be a suitable solution. In both of these use case, the VOSKER V300 Ultimate would be overkill! It would certainly work but there are a lot of other solutions better suited to that situation. If however, you live in a location with a strong cell signal, but frequent power outages, the the V300 Ultimate may be a better solution than many of the others. I already mentioned a couple use cases where the VOSKER V300 Ultimate is the solution many people will likely turn to for versatility, convenience, and reliability.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter in two different ways.

  1. In a comment below, tell us one feature you love most about this camera and where you would put a V300 Ultimate if you win this contest.
  2. In a comment beneath Shelly’s review of this camera, tell us one thing you learned from her article that you think is a cool feature of the V300 Ultimate.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will randomly select one winner from all eligible entries to receive a new VOSKER V300 Ultimate camera.

This contest runs from Dec 14th until Dec 29th.

Remember you can enter in two different ways. If you know of anyone with a home away from power or internet, and may benefit from a VOSKER camera, let them know about this contest so they too have a chance to win.

VOSKER V300 Ultimate camera contest rules and regulations

Good Luck.

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  2. If I win I would put it outside my garage or in front of the house if anything pretty cool things to have outside your house maybe in front of your garage that would be pretty cool!

  3. I love that it uses solar-powered technology & 4G-LTE cellular network connectivity. I would put this at the back of my property.

  4. I like the wireless and solar charging options, I would be putting this camera and the back of our property to see the animals that are visiting.

  5. I like that video from the camera could be viewed from anywhere in the world, and I would put this camera outside my business.

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