Tips to help you create perfect holiday memories

Today I’m going to offer you some photography tips to help you make the most of those priceless holiday moments, like the visit to Santa’s grotto, the kids unwrapping presents, and of course everyone’s favourite, Dad asleep with the remote in his hand.

Take great close up shots with Canon lenses

Today we’re going to look at two separate, but connected, areas of photography: macro photography, which is concerned with making images of very small objects, and close-up photography where, as the name suggests, we get very close to our subject.

Gear up and hit the hill with the Sony ActionCam

I was pretty excited to test out the Sony ActionCam With LiveView Remote, and if you watch point of view action sports videos on Youtube the way most of my family does, you’ll instantly know exactly what this camera is for. Designed specifically to capture live action video in all the crazy places you’d go to for action sports and recreation, the Sony ActionCam has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a camera of this type. It was created for the ski hill, it shines on the side of a mountain, and you can take it with you while you hang ten on a wave near a tropic beach.

Choose the right Canon lens to take great sports and fast...

  Today we’re going to offer a little bit of advice on some techniques and settings you can use to get great action shots, and also recommend some Canon lenses to help you on your way.

GoPro Announces Hero4 Range – Touchscreen, Wifi And Amazing Performance.

Since the release of the original wearable camera, GoPro has been a go-to for the outdoor action crew who want to capture videos of their wild exploits. GoPro has just announced the release of their latest batch of cameras under the name Hero4. This time last year they released two cameras in the Hero3+ range, and this time they’ve actually announced three different models; Hero, Hero4 Silver, and Hero4 Black.

Take better portraits using Canon lenses

  The number one reason that people buy cameras is to make portraits of friends and family.Today I’m going to offer you some advice on how to make better portraits, and also recommend some Canon lenses to help you do just that.

The major camera announcements from Photokina 2014


Photokina is a bi-annual photography and imaging event where more than 1,000 manufacturers and innovators in the field of photography get together to show off their latest products.    Today we take a look at the most significant camera announcements to come out of Photokina 2014.

Nikon Announces The D750 – The First Full-Frame DSLR With Wi-Fi


Nikon has just announced it’s latest full-frame offering – the D750, which sits between the D610 and the D810 in Nikon’s FX range. According to Nikon this camera is aimed at the ‘adept enthusiast’, but judging by the specs, this is a camera that will easily satisfy most professional shooters too.

Capture nature perfectly with Canon lenses


  Photographing nature offers some of the best and most varied opportunities to make beautiful images to hang on your walls, it’s hardly surprising that it’s one of the most popular pursuits in photography. Today I’m going to give you some ideas and inspiration to take your nature photography further, and also recommend some Canon lenses that can help you on your journey.  

Preview: The powerful FUJIFILM X-30 compact camera


FUJIFILM has unveiled its high-end, third-generation compact camera. The FUJIFILM X30 promises to bring back the joy of shooting. Highlights include a high-quality CMOS sensor, real-time viewfinder, high capacity battery and dual ring controls.