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iRig Pro and iRig 2 expand your possibilities for creating music.

IK Multimedia has taken already compact and portable recording technologies and made them even more compact and more portable. All of this without significantly restricting what or how you can record and what you can ultimately produce. In this blog I am going to look at two different IK Multimedia products. First is the iRig Pro, which was released in late 2013. I will then look at the brand new iRig2 and explain what each can do for you so that you might have a better idea which unit will meet your needs.

Digital Piano Maintenance

Digital piano maintenance consists of damage prevention and general maintenance. Here are some ideas to consider when caring for your digital piano.

Choose the Right Guitar for the Beginner and Intermediate Player in...

Buying your first guitar can be a little intimidating. Click to learn what to consider & be aware of to make this awesome journey as rewarding as possible.

Digital Piano Buying Guide

Shopping for a digital piano can be a daunting experience, thanks to all the terms floating around. This buying guide will help you understand the main features and pick out the ideal model for your needs.

Casiotone S100, 200, and 300 Keyboards comparison and review

Casio recently revived its Casiotone series. Keep reading to find out if these keyboards are the ideal product for you.

M-Audio BX5 and Yamaha HS5 Comparison

The M-Audio BX5 and the Yamaha HS5 studio monitors boast similar studio-level features and specs. They both pack a nice size : punch ratio. You can’t go wrong with either of these little guys. I took them both for a spin, put them head to head and jotted down my thoughts.

Fender DG-60 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Review

The Fender DG-60 dreadnought acoustic guitar will soon be available at Best Buy. I’ll come out and say it—this is a great guitar for the price. If asked to recommend something for a beginner or as a small-gig instrument, I’d put the DG-60 on the list for sure.  It has a nice look and feel coupled with great playability and a brighter tone that fills the room.

Bass Guitar Maintenance

Bass guitar maintenance is essential to make sure you're doing a great job holding down the bottom end. From cleaning strings to changing batteries, there are a good many things to consider. Here are some bass guitar maintenance tips you'll want to consider to help keep your instrument in top shape.

Review of Blue Microphones new Yeti X

Blue Microphones has released the new Yeti X USB microphone and is providing the opportunity to have professional level audio without professional level costs.

Roland CUBE 10GX Amp Review

Can a practice amp deliver great sound and tone while still maintaining its portability? Take a closer look at the Roland CUBE 10GX and find out!

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