Fender Shootout! The Squier Bullet Stratocaster vs. Squier Vintage Modified 70s...

Almost all major guitar manufacturers now carry at least two brands of guitar under their umbrella. You have the one “name” brand that is the premiere flagship brand and then a less expensive brand that makes more affordable versions of the classics. Gibson Guitars has the Epiphone brand, ESP has LTD, and Fender has Squier. And while these guitars are more affordable than their famous brothers, that doesn’t mean that they don’t play and sound great, especially considering their price points. This blog will look at two Squier Stratocasters and discuss playability, sound, and value.

The Spire Studio is home studio recording simplicity at its best

I had a chance to test out the Spire Studio to record, edit, mix, and share my music compositions quicker and easier than ever before.

Yamaha PSR E253 Keyboard Review

Yamaha has packed a lot into this instrument aimed at getting people to learn and enjoy playing music. If you or you have someone in your family who looks like they’re itching to let their inner muse out, then with the PSR E253, you’ve got a very cost effective start to realizing that dream.

Carlsbro CSD130 electronic drums: All the fun with none of the...

If you've ever thought about getting a set of electronic drums, whether to learn drums, practice without annoying those around you, or to augment a home recording setup, it has been a cost prohibitive option for most. Carlsbro's CSD130 is about to change that.

Review: Fender Mustang 1 V.2 – The social guitar amplifier

The Fender Mustang 1 V.2 is more than just a 20 watt practice amp with an 8” speaker and a load of tones and flexibility, it is also a guitarist’s entrance into the online world of social connectivity. The Fender Mustang 1 V.2 is a potent little amplifier that offers you a myriad of sounds and the ability to tweak to your heart’s content, but it also connects to your computer, connects you with other musicians, and connects you with your inner music producer.

M-Audio M-Track MkII Review

The re-release of the M-Audio M-Track USB audio interface (the M-Track MkII) is a no-nonsense, straight-shooting package for those who are looking to get audio into and out of their computer.

The MXL 2006 large condenser microphone is very good at a...

 There was a time not so long ago when the thought of purchasing a quality large diaphragm condenser microphone meant that you were about to drop some serious dollars. In recent years several manufacturers have started to produce top quality mics at an affordable price point and the MXL 2006 may be the cream of this crop.  

The Yamaha FG800 acoustic guitar, a great guitar for beginners that...

The FG800 acoustic guitar is a new offering from Yamaha that features a traditional western body style and in perhaps its greatest feature, has a solid spruce top. Best Buy just sent one to me for this review, so read on to find out why I liked this guitar.

What is the best musical instrument for a child to learn...

When selecting the first musical instrument for your child, there are several things you need to consider. Let's discuss a few of them inside.

Roland CUBE 10GX Amp Review

Can a practice amp deliver great sound and tone while still maintaining its portability? Take a closer look at the Roland CUBE 10GX and find out!

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