Godin Session HT Electric Guitar

Godin is officially making its entrance into Best Buy’s lineup of guitars. The Canadian builder is well known for its ingenuity and use of high-quality materials across its different brands such as Seagull and Art & Lutherie. Numerous international artists use their products on stage. Some notable players include Alex Lifeson (Rush), Steve Stevens (Billy Idol), Daryl Stuermer (Genesis/Phil Collins), and many more.

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Godin Radium Electric Guitar

Godin offers a wide range of forward-thinking string instruments. The electric models are unique and are packed with modern features. You’ll find reimaginations of timeless classics (like the Session, Stadium or Summit series), hybrids (such as the Radium line) or their very own contributions to guitar building like the xtSA.

The manufacturer also has various jazz guitars including the Montreal and 5th avenue. The Multiac and A series gives the electric player steel or nylon string sounds. This means you won’t have to get used to a completely different neck and fretboard profile. The builder also offers several quality acoustics that come loaded with electronics.

The company is known for its use of North American tone woods and being generous with the number of features packed in a single instrument. You’ll usually find high-quality pickups and hardware, as well as plenty of different controls and wiring options that give you a wide variety of tones from a single instrument.


Seagull M4 Acoustic Guitar

Seagull has a lot of acoustic models to choose from, ranging from quality beginner options to sturdy road ready instruments. There are many options available. They cover the most common body styles on the market as well as specific needs such as recording or accomplishing singer-songwriter duties. From the affordable S6 and Entourage models to the stage-oriented Performer guitar, the lineup if well thought-out and you are sure to find one that suits your exact needs and then some.

In addition to acoustic guitars, Seagull offers a mandolin and ukulele loaded with electronics. These are quality instruments that are also stage and studio ready. Additionally, if you want to expand your sonic arsenal or introduce a youngster to music, the dulcimer inspired M4 is a sweet-sounding acoustic instrument. It’s simple 4-string layout is easy to understand and makes it an excellent introduction to anyone willing to get into music. The soothing sound will also help with long practice sessions.

Art & Lutherie

Art & Lutherie Americana Faded Black Acoustic Electric Guitar

The Art & Lutherie acoustics will surely interest those that are just getting into the instrument and that want an excellent starting point. The three most common acoustic guitar shapes are represented through the Americana, Legacy and Roadhouse series.

The company offers different configurations of these models. You’ll have different finishes to choose from and the Americana and Legacy have cutaway designs if that is what you are looking for. While those guitars are available without electronics, the Roadhouse comes equipped with a pickup system. It also has a traditional 12th fret neck joint.

Whatever your stringed instrument needs are, Godin and its daughter companies have great solutions for you. You are sure to find a modern, reasonably priced model to add to your collection.

Make sure to check out the various Godin, Seagull and Art & Lutherie instruments available on Best Buy’s website.

Nikolai Olekhnovitch
Nikolai Olekhnovitch is a professional guitarist from Montreal. The experience and musical versatility he acquired during his music studies and involvement with diverse musical acts come in quite handy when reviewing various instruments. When he is not on the road performing, he’s exploring martial arts and seeking out the perfect espresso.


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