How to make the most of your smallest living spaces


Living small doesn’t have to mean living with stress, because decorating small living spaces just requires a bit of imagination and some specific home pieces to maximize what you’ve got. It’s actually fun to live small because it forces you to be creative, and that’s where home décor magic can really begin.

Star Wars TIE Fighter BBQ Review

If you're a fan of Star Wars and a lover of outdoor cooking, then today's review of a cool Star Wars BBQ is sure to please! Click through to read on.

What will trendsetters have their eye on this season?

Trendsetters are great at staying ahead of the fashion curve. If you know where to look, it's not hard to be one of them, too.

Father’s Day gift suggestions


Time is ticking on that most important of holidays —Father’s Day! As the father of three kids, it’s possible that I may have a slight bias toward where the day should fall in the ranking of officially celebrated holidays. However, since Festivus has yet to be recognized and May the Fourth gets snubbed by most major greeting card manufacturers, Father’s Day is definitely up there. If your dad is anything like me (or the dads I know), Best Buy is a pretty solid bet when it comes to finding the perfect gift by June 15th. Here are a few suggestions. Note to my wife and kids: some of these may or may not be hints, but you won’t go wrong with any of them…

Back-to-school: Top 5 items to elevate your space

Looking for a way to elevate your space while prepping the home for back to school? These 5 items will make perfect additions to the home.

Shelly’s Friday Favourites – Saskatchewan recipes to warm up your kitchen

Some of the best recipes have come out of Saskatchewan, and here's a few of my Grandma's recipes that I always had growing up.

Review of the Monster iSport Freedom Headphones


Last November, I had an opportunity to review three different in-ear headphone models from Monster’s iSport line – Strive™, Intensity™, and Victory™. While each had their pros and cons, it was the iSport Victory™ that got my vote for the best of the bunch. In fact, since my review, the Victory™ earbuds have become just as much a staple to my workouts as my overpriced stretchy pants. But to throw a bit of a kink in things, I was just sent the latest in the iSport arsenal – the over-ear, wireless, and Bluetooth-enabled Freedom™ headphones. Would they take the place of my beloved Victory?

Summer survival guide part 1: sleeping tips for hot summer nights

When the heat is on outside, the inside of ours houses start cooking, and that means sleep is almost impossible. If you want to sleep better during the hot summer months, take a look at these sleeping tips for hot summer nights.

10 buys under $30 that will make your dorm room

How do you add some personality to your dorm room? Here are 10 great buys under $30: pick, choose, and add some fun touches to your dorm room

Gifts for people who love to socialize

If you know someone who loves to socialize, whether in their own home, visiting others, or going out, they'll love these gifts.