It’s hard to believe we’re already into November and with Thanksgiving and Halloween behind us, it’s time to move on to prepping for the next holiday: Christmas. This gives me mixed emotions of anxiety and excitement, but I find if I make a plan and stay organized I get to enjoy all the festivities just that little bit more.

Today I’m talking gifting pots and pans, either in a set or individual or specific items. It’s the perfect gift for someone who loves to cook and entertain. Making dinners for my family and extended family and friends always brings me joy because I love to feed people. I think because it’s always well received, and don’t we all like to put a smile on people’s faces?

Before you go out and purchase a set of pans for someone there are a few things to take into consideration:

  • Does your gift recipient need a whole set of pots and pans?
  • What type of cook top do they cook on?
  • Are there any specific items they would love to add to their current set?

Gifting A Set Of Pots And Pans

tfal-stainlessFor years I always just used cheap pots and pans, but one year my mother-in-law gifted my husband and I with a new set of nice ones. They’ve lasted a few years now and are still in great shape, so lesson learned for me how important it is to get good quality instead of wasting money on cheap ones that constantly need replacing.

Everyone has their own preferences as to what they like to cook on, so your first step is to check and see what the person you are buying for already uses in their kitchen. I use a stainless steel set like this T-fal Tri-Ply 10-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set and I love it. They are super durable, easy to clean and suitable for gas, electric, ceramic glass, and induction stove tops just in case you’re unsure of their stove type.

cast-ironAnother alternative that’s amazing to cook with is cast iron. We recently purchased our first cast iron pan, I know we’re a little behind the times, but we’re so impressed. It’s durable, easy to care for and cooks your food so well. The best part is that the more you use it, the better the pan gets. This Stansport 3-Piece Cast Iron Cooking Set would be a great addition to any kitchen.

How To Choose The Right Pan For Specific Cooktops

Pots and pans aren’t universal unfortunately, so you’ll definitely want to see what kind of cooktop the person you’re buying for is using. Induction cooktops work by magnetic induction and will only work with cast iron or stainless steel.

For electric or gas cooking you’ll have more flexibility in what to purchase.

Specific Pots And Pans You Can Give As Gifts

copper-sautePots and pans can be a personal purchase, especially if you’re buying for someone who loves food and to cook. Maybe they don’t need a whole new set of pots and pans, but a specific pot or pan could be a great gift.

I’m loving the copper pans that are popular right now, and they can easily be incorporated with stainless steel. This Mauviel M’Heritage 9″ Copper Saute Pan would be a welcome addition to any kitchen and copper is known to heat up quicker and cook more evenly for perfectly cooked foods.

stock-potI find stock pots don’t always come included in sets. I know I had to buy my stock pot separate, but it sure comes in handy on many occasions. I always use it when cooking for large family dinners and over the holidays for mashed potatoes and soups during our chilly West Coast fall and winter. This Cuisinart Classic 15.1L Stainless Steel Stock Pot would be a great gift for someone who doesn’t have one, and it’s perfect for soups and stews, has an aluminum encapsulated base so you get even heating and is dishwasher safe for easy clean up.

Check out bestbuy.ca for a large variety of pots and pan sets as well as specific single items that would be a great addition to any foodie’s kitchen.

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Lindsey Reed
I am a mom of two boys who loves reading and trail runs. I am passionate about health, fitness and food and write about these topics and more on my personal blog www.organicfitnesstips.net.