Cyber Safety: How to make certain you’re safe online

With so much of your life connected to the online world, it’s time to engage in some digital defensive driving to protect yourself and your information from malicious activity. Time to get cyber safe!

Geek Squad can help you set up your Smart Home

Geek Squad has recently increased the number of services they offer to help you get your Smart Home up and running.

How to set up a wireless router

We show you exactly how to set up your new wireless router for improved home Wi-Fi performance in 9 easy to follow steps.

How to mount a TV

This article will explain in detail how to mount your TV on wood studs which is the most common installation type today.

Ooma conveniently delivers business phone services to your home office

 You’ve no doubt seen the pithy television commercials featuring the nerdy dad-type talking to a piece of technology called Ooma. I love the banter between nerd dad and the female actress who voices Ooma, however I must admit those ads never really made me retain whatever it is the product is supposed to do. It’s, like, phones or something? Does it talk? Well, if you’ve also been wondering just what the heck an Ooma actually is, read on and I’ll fill you in on the benefits of Ooma for offices.

Which VR is perfect for you

Interested in Virtual Reality but not sure which version to choose? Let Geek Squad give you a hand. In this blog, we'll talk about some types of VR from the basic Insignia VR Viewer all the way to the robust Oculus Rift.

Geek Squad support offers the help you need when you need...

When you need help with your computer, smartphone, or setting up your home office, Geek Squad Remote Support Agents are there to give you a helping hand.

Geek Squad helps combat package theft this holiday season

With the continued increase of package and mail theft in Canada, Geek Squad would like to help you find creative ways to protect your holiday purchases with the help of smart home devices. Find out more about how you can monitor and keep theft at bay this holiday season.

Introducing Geek Squad Academy Online Learning

If you've been looking for something fun and educational for your child, take a look at the free courses offered through Geek Squad Academy Online Learning.

Learn about Geek Squad Protection and Home Membership Plans

Learn about Geek Squad's Home Membership and Protection Plans. From on-site repairs, to 24/7 service, see how Geek Squad can help you stay connected.

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