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How to connect wireless headphones to your TV?

There are many ways to connect headphones to your TV. If you need help, Geek Squad can help you figure out a solution that works in your home.

Why does my TV keep losing its connection to Wi-Fi and...

Few things are more frustrating than settling down for a relaxing night of streaming your favourite movies or TV and experiencing a spotty internet connection. In this article, we'll take a look at some of those things that may be causing your TV to lose its Wi-fi connections and how you can fix them.

Introducing Geek Squad Academy Online Learning

If you've been looking for something fun and educational for your child, take a look at the free courses offered through Geek Squad Academy Online Learning.

How to mount a TV

This article will explain in detail how to mount your TV on wood studs which is the most common installation type today.

Which VR is perfect for you

Interested in Virtual Reality but not sure which version to choose? Let Geek Squad give you a hand. In this blog, we'll talk about some types of VR from the basic Insignia VR Viewer all the way to the robust Oculus Rift.

TV Mounting Guide Part 3: The Installation

This guide will provide answers and give you an in-depth look at how Geek Squad can help you mount a TV in your own space. And, it doesn’t matter if you have a brand new Smart TV or an older model (like I do!), this guide works for everyone’s situation. In part 3, the Geek Squad arrives for the install! Read the article to find out how it went.

3 tips for using Mesh networks in your smart home

Mesh networks make your home smarter and more connected; here are 3 tips to help ensure you get the most internet coverage for your home.

How to set up a wireless router

We show you exactly how to set up your new wireless router for improved home Wi-Fi performance in 9 easy to follow steps.

Why do I need so many Passwords?

During Cybersecurity month, Geek Squad would like to remind you about the importance of having different passwords for all of your online walks of life. This blog discusses the importance of diversifying your passwords and why having the same one on all websites (while convenient) is a bad idea in today's fast moving online world.

Cell phone safety and security tips

Your cell phone is a key part of your digital life style. Here are some safety and security tips to protect your cell phone and your digital existence from harm.

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