How to set up a wireless router



Setting up a router was once a fairly intimidating task. However, things are much different today. First of all, most routers (especially those designed for home use) are wireless. That eliminates the most time-consuming and labour-intensive parts of the job, because you no longer have to worry about running Ethernet cable.

Even better, wireless router manufacturers have steadily simplified the process of setting up their devices. You don’t need a technical background to install your router or configure your Wi-Fi network. In many cases you don’t even need a computer, just a smartphone! The latest whole-home mesh networking routers even take the guesswork out of locating your router, because they distribute multiple, small access points throughout your home.

This article explains in detail how to install a wireless router.


  1. if you’re installing wireless security cameras yourself, you want the option to view them remotely. Not all cameras provide remote control and sneak peeks. It’s easy enough to make sure that you are buying a camera that includes remote access. However, one thing you should look into is how you’re going to actually access that camera. Looking to view real-time video from a web browser? Make sure that’s an option. Even more importantly, check to see if that camera supports your smartphone/tablet platform. Some cameras work with iOS devices, some work with Android, and some work with both. Unfortunately, not as many work with BlackBerry and the Windows Phone. Make sure to read the fine print!

  2. Last year when I set up the internet in my home I was totally wrong. Now I understand what was my mistake then. Thanks for this helpful article.

  3. WiFi covering the whole home area is just so important now a days. If friends come over they always want to be in the room where wifi is available. It’s just so important part of our lives now a days that setting it right is kind of a big deal.

  4. Hi, great article, straight to the point. However, I would personally point out the importance of securing the wireless network during the setup process like changing the default router password, default SSID and network password. Some users skip these steps and leave everything as is, leaving their home network open. It’s always better to spend some time on securing the network, than setting it up again.

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