10 things you desperately need camping with kids Part 1

Camping is fun. But with kids, you need to be prepared for everything; from being able to comfortably change diapers, to protecting them from the elements, and keeping older kids from getting bored. Here’s some great gear worth bringing along with you to the camp site.

Overview: Skateboards and Skateboarding

Skateboarding is bigger than ever, and for those looking to get a board of their own Best Buy has a few ways to get rolling, both in the real world, and on your big screen at home.  

Customize Your BBQ with Accessories & Utensils

Are you getting excited about the impending BBQ season? In some parts of the country, it’s already here! So, if you’re thinking of customizing your BBQ with some new accessories & utensils to make the most of the outdoor cooking season, come along with me for a brief overview of a few useful items. Whether you’re new to barbecuing or an experienced veteran, there’s always something new to learn. You might even discover an item or two that you didn’t even know existed! Click through to find out.   

5 reasons you need a telescope this year

Stargazers and amateur astronomers have many great opportunities to check out various celestial events in 2016. The Earth makes its annual journey around the Sun, we get the opportunity to view special celestial events like meteor showers, conjunctions, and eclipses. Here are some telescopes worth checking out.

How to pack your luggage like a pro traveler

Getting the most out of your adventures starts with having the right supplies. Plan, prepare, and purchase all the necessities needed to travel like a pro.

5 Father’s Day gifts to encourage dad to cook outdoors more

 It’s almost Father’s Day and it’s time to plan what you’re going to be grabbing your dad, grandpa or whomever you buy your gift for! Let us help you out with a few gifting ideas. In this first of many Father’s Day blogs, we take a look at gift ideas to encourage dad to cook outdoors more. Is it a new set of barbecue tools? Furniture? Maybe a new barbecue itself? Here are a few things to consider when you go gifting for dad this year.

BioLite ultra-portable camping gear with USB charging may blow your mind

Camping is one of summer’s best outdoor activities. The sunshine, the warmth, cooking over an open fire and sipping a glass of wine under the stars. With the right gear, like the new line of BioLite stoves and lighting, camping doesn’t have to be “roughing it,” it can be a relaxing way to get outdoors, while still having some of the comforts of home: like fully charged phones, lights and cameras!

Taking Napier Outdoors truck tent on the road for review

 Camping season is in full swing, and unless you own an RV you’ll need some shelter to sleep in. If you own a truck, you’ve probably contemplated one of the cool looking truck bed tent models.  Are they worth it?  What considerations do you need to be aware of with this type of tent? Can you use it with a tonneau cover? Click for the full blog review plus a video.

Review: Teeing off with Zepp

Zepp is a multi-sport progress tracking tool that aims to help you better your golf, tennis or baseball swing. You begin with a starter kit for one sport and can buy just what you need for the others. Learn things about your swings you never knew and use some helpful tips from the pros to help you get better. Please note that this review will focus on the Zepp’s golf capabilities.

Cool things to pack for your next trip away

It was somewhere around the 15th hour of flying and waiting, transitioning through time zones, that I realized that my trip could have been just a bit more complete with some accessories. I think there’s a great deal of truth that can be found through exhaustion, and though I’m usually extolling the values of packing light, I decided (on my return) to make a list of the things I wish I had with me, and why I think you might want to check them out too. So if you’re heading out on a trip–either on your own or with family–read this list over, and you might find a bit of truth-in-advance that’ll help you too.

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