Getting around outdoors is easier with one of the new etransportation options like an electric bicycle or electric scooter. They are fun, reliable, environmentally green ways to commute, do your shopping, or just explore. Selection has been steadily increasing online at Best Buy for a while. Beginning in May 2022, the in-store selection is also improving. Learn more about the availability of these great modern ways to travel.

When will electric bicycles and electric scooters be in Best Buy stores

Many Best Buy stores have had a small selection of electric transportation products available for a while. That selection is now getting much larger and will be available in a lot more stores across the country. For example, a broad selection of e-scooters can be found at 123 stores across Canada! You’ll find top brands like Segway, Okai, Xiaomi, Fiat and more. Many of these will be Best Buy exclusives too, meaning you will not find them at any other retailer.

okai electric scooter
Okai Beetle Electric Scooter

If you’ve been shopping for an electric bicycle over the past few months, you know how challenging it has been to find one. Supply has not been able to keep up with demand. Best Buy has been working to make a much larger selection available, and bring them into our stores so you can visit your local Best Buy and walk out with a great ebike. Best Buy will be launching more electric bicycles throughout May and June, beginning with about 32 stores. You’ll find top brands including SWFT E-Bikes (exclusive to Best Buy in Canada).

How can you find the right bike or scooter

Here are some tips to help you get the best etransportation shopping experience. First, scan the Best Buy online pages for electric bikes and scooters. This will give you a sense of the types that are available to help you make a preliminary decision of what style is likely going to suit your needs. You can also read one of the buying guides we have created for each type of etransportation to learn in more detail about each one (I’ll put the links below for these buying guides). If you see one that you like online and see that it is available in one of your local stores, you can reserve it right then, and go to the store to pick it up. And of course, you can just have it shipped to your home!

You may prefer to begin your search at the store. As I said above, the in-store selection in many stores is expanding this month, and will continue to expand as we get closer to summer. Visit your local Best Buy store and you might find exactly what you need right there.

SWFT electric bike
SWFT VOLT 26″ Electric Bike – Black – Only at Best Buy

Can I ride a new electric bike right out at the store?

You are excited to get riding but you should be aware that a new ebike or escooter may not be ready to ride as soon as you take it off the shelf. Firstly, most manufacturers recommend you fully charge the Lithium battery before you start riding. Take that time to get familiar with the safety instructions provided, and ensure you have a helmet and other accessories that will make for a great experience. In some cases, there may be partial assembly required. Take your time and carefully follow the instructions. If you prefer, you can contact Geek Squad about their available home assembly service.

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about etransportation or any of the great electric bicycles or electric scooters.

Lastly, as promised, here are the links to the specific buying guides so you can learn more about each type of product.


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