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Pedal assist vs. throttle assist ebikes

If you have decided to buy an electric bike or ebike, the next question is, should you opt for pedal assist, throttle assist, or both? We break them down.

Weber Genesis EPX-335 smart grill review

The Weber Genesis Smart Grill has Wi-Fi and an app with a probe to cook everything perfectly. Read my review to see how it's making me a better cook.

Pluto R Electric Bike Review

Join me today for a journey of exploration to learn more about the wonderful world of e-bikes, and in particular the cool Pluto R Electric Bike. Let's ride!

8 reasons why you need an electric bike

If you have been considering getting an electric bike, here's a rundown of 8 reasons why one would be the best purchase you make this year.

AYO Light Therapy Glasses Review

Beating jet lag is the main focus behind the AYO Light Therapy Glasses, but the energy boost they can provide goes beyond just travelling.

How to pack your luggage like a pro traveler

Getting the most out of your adventures starts with having the right supplies. Plan, prepare, and purchase all the necessities needed to travel like a pro.

Customize Your BBQ with Accessories & Utensils

Are you getting excited about the impending BBQ season? In some parts of the country, it’s already here! So, if you’re thinking of customizing your BBQ with some new accessories & utensils to make the most of the outdoor cooking season, come along with me for a brief overview of a few useful items. Whether you’re new to barbecuing or an experienced veteran, there’s always something new to learn. You might even discover an item or two that you didn’t even know existed! Click through to find out.   

Have fun on the water this summer

Summer is around the corner. Now's the time to consider the gear you need for fun on the water and capture those moments with waterproof action cameras.

Safe-Tec Smart Helmet with Bluetooth Review

Today I test the all new Safe-Tec Smart Helmet: A bike helmet with unique features like Bluetooth speakers, a remote control, and LED signal lights.

5 great buys for summer travel

Whether you’re heading outdoors or over the border, make sure you have the perfect luggage or bag for the trip!

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