Know How Much Exercise it Takes to Burn Off Holiday Calories

If you overindulged a bit with the food and drink over Christmas and New Year, join the club! But, to help you keep your healthy resolutions for 2017, I’m going to show you how much exercise it takes to burn off those holiday calories, and how to get started.

Benefits of supplements and protein powders

Protein powders and supplements are a great addition to help keep your daily health on track and help you get the most out of your workouts.

Manage your health with smart scales and blood pressure monitors

While there are tons of health and wellness tech products, two particular types can work great together to help you manage your health both at home and on-the-go: smart scales and blood pressure monitors.

Healthy eating 2017 means….time to switch proteins

If you're a dedicated meat eater you might think that switching up your proteins would be hard, but when you choose the right proteins, it's a simple switch for a healthier lifestyle.

Life Fitness now launched

Life Fitness has been making amazing fitness equipment for both the gym and your home for over 45 years. Their products are innovative and have something to offer all fitness levels.

Five Products to Help You Get Fit before the Holidays

The seasons have changed, but the summer bulge from drinking too many margaritas and eating at too many BBQ parties may linger. Sometimes we need landmarks in our cultural calendar to get us back on track. Yes, Thanksgiving is fast approaching, which may motivate us to hit the gym to justify a long weekend of gluttony. And then next thing we know, we’ll be invited to all the Christmas parties. Time flies! Let’s take charge before Netflix consumes us...

Protein powder will help fuel your body year round

Eating a healthy well balanced diet can be tricky at the best of times and it's especially important before and after any workout to ensure your body's getting the fuel it needs. Read on to see how protein powder is a great addition to any diet all year round.

5 Gifts so good Dad will wish every day was Father’s...

 We’re in the final stretch run to Father’s Day and it’s time to think about what you’re getting your dad or grandfather! What does dad need? Here are a few suggestions that’ll get dad so excited that he’ll wish every day was Father’s Day! From sports tracking to fitness tracking and even virtual reality, here are a few things to get dad excited and set for the year ahead.

Make it fit: treadmills in the home

Picking out the right treadmill (or any other cardio equipment) is where ideal functionality crosses paths with the reality of available floor space. Do you want the biggest and best model with all the bells and whistles, or is your perfect machine the one that slips out of sight at a moment’s notice? Take a read through this overview and see if you can find the right balance for your home set-up.

What can wearables do for me? I have high blood pressure

With health issues being of growing concern to many of us as we grow older, keeping on top of high blood pressure is a common issue that people struggle to deal with. Wearables can help with that as you transition to a more mindful and active lifestyle. 

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