Manage your health with smart scales and blood pressure monitors

Heart health is important, and tech can help you manage it from home, including smart scales and blood pressure monitors that work beautifully hand-in-hand

Reap the mental health benefits of regular outdoor activity

Now is a great time of year for outdoor activity in Canada. If you're tired of being cooped up inside, the time has come to get outside & enjoy life again!

Smart health technology helps you keep a healthy heart

Having a healthy heart should be top priority when it comes to your overall health. Read on for some great tech to help you maintain a healthy heart.

Experience a healthier lifestyle for you and your family with Fitbit

Fitbit makes it easy for anyone to get more in tune with their bodies, become naturally a more active person, and gradually live a healthier lifestyle.

The healthy cooking buying guide

If you're looking to eat healthier and make more homecooked meals, there is lots of cookware, small appliances, and other kitchen accessories that can help.

Smart scale buying guide

A smart scale is a valueable tool when you're on a fitness or weight loss journey. It measures more than weight to give you an idea of your overall health.

S’ip by S’well at Best Buy

If you want to stay hydrated in style this summer, then check out the S'ip by S'well personal portable water bottles at Best Buy.

7 Things to Consider Before Going Camping

Summer is just around the corner, but before you set foot in Mother Nature's backyard, let me give you seven things to consider before going camping.

Protect your family from allergens at this time of year

If you suffer from allergies, let me give you few tips on how to protect your family from allergens at this time of year.

Enter to win Vega Sports Nutrition from Best Buy

Best Buy is excited to announce that you can now get the amazing all vegetable based Vega protein powders, protein bars and more sports nutritional products online at Best Buy. To celebrate we are giving away a huge selection of Vega products in this contest on the blog. Read on to learn how to enter.

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