LG has revealed a brand new home theatre projector at CES 2017. The laser powered ProBeam will allow you to use it even in the brightest light, plus it's smaller and more portable than ever.

Is there a Sonos speaker lover on your Christmas list? Why not give them something to trick out their Sonos speakers, like a stand, a wall mount or even a fun coloured skin? Check out functional and fun accessories from Flexson.

Best Buy is all about new technology, sometimes really huge tech like a 70 inch television and at other times equally awesome smaller tech. Enter this contest for your chance to win one of the small and totally cool new kinds of tech available, an Insignia Portable Pico projector.

Don't forget your home theatre when shopping for holiday gifts this year! Blogger ErinLYYC has some fun making home theatre gift suggestions.

Roku recently launched several new TV streaming devices. How do you know which on is the right one for your home theatre? Blogger ErinLYYC compares models and even shows how you can use one of them to smarten up an older 'dumb' TV

If you’re looking for 4K content for your new 4K TV, or considering upgrading your set but wondering what you can watch, the answer is: plenty. New content is being added constantly, and 2016 promises to be the year of 4K, with more content coming on line or being announced every month. Take a look at some of the streaming TV options in 4K that you can watch today, plus some major announcements about what’s coming soon. 

4K content has been kind of a chicken and egg scenario; people have been reluctant to get a 4K TV because there hasn’t been a lot to watch in 4K. Producers have been reluctant to makes shows in 4K because not a lot of people were adopting 4K TVs.    It appears the tide is now turning, as a slate of new 4K content has been announced for Canada.

You're shopping for speakers; you think you've graduated from the tiny super portable wireless versions to something bigger and better, but where to begin? There are some excellent choices in a mid-to-large sized wireless speakers from top manufacturers like Sonos and Harman Kardon.

A home entertainment projector is one of the best ways to get a full theatre experience, and the BenQ HT2150ST is designed to work well for gamers as well. At a very reasonable cost you can have a very large and immersive high definition picture of 100” or more. This BenQ unit has made owning a projector even easier with a number of features that make it easy to setup anywhere in your home.

The holidays may still be weeks away, but now's a great time to take stock of your home theatre and make a list of what you might want to ask the jolly old elf for when it's time. We've picked 8 key items, components and accessories that will make great upgrades or new additions to your media room.

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