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Having a smart TV means you can enjoy your favourite TV episodes, control your smart home devices, and view your social media networks from the biggest screen in your home. While smart TVs come with preloaded streaming apps, there are quite a few smart TV accessories that can significantly enhance your viewing experience.

Why smart TV accessories are important

Smart TVs have a lot of great features, but the best setups use smart TV accessories to improve your experience. Having add-on devices like universal remote controls or high quality HDMI cables can make the most of your TV’s resolution, features, operating system, and software capabilities.

Must-have smart TV accessories

Smart TV accessories for navigation and control

One For All Smart 8-Device Universal Remote Control

Universal and voice-controlled remote

A universal remote is an essential accessory that simplifies control over your smart TV and other devices. With a universal remote, you can navigate your TV’s hub and control your smart TV sound systems all at once. It can be programmed to control your TV, home theatre speakers, and smart home devices, so you only need one remote instead of several.

Some universal remotes are voice-controlled remotes too, so you can use voice commands to search through apps or find something new to watch.

Logitech wireless keyboard

Wireless keyboard

There are smart TVs with web browsers to surf the web or apps to connect you to your online work documents and spreadsheets. Adding a wireless keyboard can make it even easier to use your TV as a computer or as a big second screen for work.

Enhancing your smart TV experience with cords and cables

HDMI cable

HDMI cable

You may think a cord is a cord when it comes to connecting other devices to your smart TV, but a high-quality HDMI cable can enhance the quality of your smart TV sound systems and improve the performance of your gaming consoles or Blu-ray player. Investing in a good HDMI cable ensures you get the best video and audio experience possible.

Insignia optical audio cable

Optical cable and Bluetooth adapter

An optical cable is a good smart TV accessory to connect an older sound bar or speakers. You can also add a Bluetooth adapter for a seamless connection to your Bluetooth speakers, headphones, or a Bluetooth sound bar.

Smart home integration for TVs

Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) Smart Display with Google Assistant

If you have a lot of different smart home devices and you’d like to use them all on one platform, a smart TV will be the perfect smart home hub. You can control your Google Home or Alexa device by pairing it with your smart TV, and the voice control options on these devices will let you perform functions on the TV including turning the volume up and down, switching through apps, or pausing your movie.

If you have smart home cameras you can also use your smart TV as a security camera hub. Just download the camera app to your TV, log in to your account, and you can view your live camera stream on your TV.

Home theatre system

Upgrade your video and sound quality

Sony sound bar

Sound bar and home theatre system

The latest TVs have built in speakers for high quality sound, but if you’d like movie theatre quality audio at home, one of the best smart TV accessories will be a sound bar or home theatre system. When you add a sound bar or home theatre receiver and speakers, you can enjoy immersive 3D surround sound for everything you watch.

Sanus TV wall mount

TV mount

Making the most of your smart TV also means setting it up so you can easily see it from every angle. Some smart TV mounts optimize viewing angles by letting you tilt it up, down or side to side for the perfect view from every seat in your living room.

Ensuring your smart TV accessories are compatible

If you have a newer smart TV, it should be compatible with most smart TV accessories. That being said, it’s important to double-check for compatibility issues before choosing your accessories. You can check your TV’s operating system for details on resolution, frame rate, and type of TV ports you have. Many TV manufacturers also provide charts online to help quickly indentify compatible smart TV accessories.

Family watching TV

Enhancing your smart TV experience is easy with smart TV accessories

To create one of the best smart TV setups, all you need are the right smart TV accessories. You can find navigation and control tools like universal and voice-controlled remotes, sound bars and sound systems to enhance audio quality, and TV mounts for perfect viewing angles—all available at Best Buy right now. Enhance your smart TV experience today with these must-have smart TV accessories.

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