Outdoor Home Theatre Essentials for Summer Movie Fun!

Enjoy movies in the fresh air of your own back yard this Summer with some outdoor home theatre essentials. Everything you need to get started is right here!

Review: The NEW Roku 3 Streaming Player

Ten years ago, few would believe that we could become so reliant on streaming media but these days many people are taking advantage of streaming HD video content from web services at an increasing rate. So much so that new services and options keep popping up continually. Recently I had the chance to spend some time with the new Roku 3, a streaming player tailor made for those who want to take advantage of all these video streaming services. There is no shortage of competition here either. If you’re into Netflix and YouTube, for example, there seems to be a way to stream that content from virtually every device out there. Many of these devices are multitaskers, that are primarily game consoles, or other sorts of gadgets that just happen to integrate a few streaming services. With the Roku 3 you get a dedicated device that specializes in streaming online content. With that focus comes a certain simplicity and clarity to the device.

Win an Insignia Portable PICO Projector from Best Buy and play...

Best Buy is all about new technology, sometimes really huge tech like a 70 inch television and at other times equally awesome smaller tech. Enter this contest for your chance to win one of the small and totally cool new kinds of tech available, an Insignia Portable Pico projector.

How to control your home theatre using your voice

Optimizing your home theatre system with voice control devices has never been easier than it is now.

How to choose speakers to get a concert-like experience at home

You're shopping for speakers; you think you've graduated from the tiny super portable wireless versions to something bigger and better, but where to begin? There are some excellent choices in a mid-to-large sized wireless speakers from top manufacturers like Sonos and Harman Kardon.

Review: Polk Omni S2 Wireless Speaker

Let’s be honest. Wires suck. They’re ugly, intrusive, binding, and seemingly everywhere you look. We’re right smack dab in the middle of an era where we all have so many personal electronic devices and gadgets that it seems as though every electric outlet in our homes needs an adapter to accommodate many more inputs than the two for which it was designed. That’s why I was happy to review the new Polk Omni S2 Wireless Speaker. I’ve been looking for a new wireless speaker for my home office for some time now … and the Polk Omni was given the honour of being my first guinea pig.

A better receiver needs better speakers

Home theatre systems are never really complete without an excellent sound system. The kind that will deliver surround sound that makes you feel like you are right in the middle of the scene you are watching. Although the visual experience is the most important element of a home theatre, a dynamic sound system can add another incredible dimension to that experience. To make that home experience really pop, an excellent receiver isn’t enough. You need to match the quality of speakers with the quality of receiver to get the most out of your system.

Do you need an indoor or outdoor projector screen?

There are a few differences between indoor vs outdoor projector screens. Here's what to look for when choosing a new screen.

Why not take your home theatre experience to the next level

  Various studies have shown how much time we watch TV, and it is more than I thought—about 4 ½ hours per day! North Americans are quite the couch potatoes (US and Canadian studies are similar). That’s over 1,600 hours a year. If you are spending that much time watching TV, why not seriously upgrade your viewing experience? I will tell you the three things to consider in taking your TV experience to the next level.

3 of the best rated noise cancelling headphones

Sometimes you need to focus and block out distractions; whether you're studying, working or just want to concentrate on music, or podcasts, noise cancelling headphones can help you. From in-ear, to over ear, there are dozens of noise cancelling headphones out there, but before you begin your search, why not start with the top picks, as reviewed by Best Buy customers?