Blendtec Blenders Make Healthy Smoothies a Breeze

Every year around this time, I, like so many others, start thinking about my New Years resolutions. Not surprisingly, they typically revolve around ways in which I can (and should) be more healthy. This year, the plan is to get to the gym more, cut back on adult grape juice, and jump on the smoothie bandwagon.   I’ve long known the health benefits that come from starting every day with a nutrient and antioxidant rich smoothie, but every time I try to whip something together, my blender falls short. That’s where Blendtec Designer Series Blenders come in.

Bake your way to a great date night with the one...

Summer is here and if you need some ideas for a fun summer date, I’ve got a great summer date night idea for you: summer make or bake nights are the perfect way to spend quality time with the one you love.

Classic cocktails to serve your dinner guests

Spice up your next dinner party with a classic cocktail with a twist!

Kick off patio season with summer drink recipes: this week on...

Warm weather means patio season, and patio season means you need to mix up a batch of ice cold summer beverages for friends. Here are 6 recipes you can make to kick off patio season 2016.

Shelly’s Friday Favourites microwaves some meals for back to school

On Shelly’s Friday Favourites we're preparing microwave meals that are fast, easy, and healthy for when you go back to school. 

Vega One Vanilla Chai Protein Pancake Recipe

Looking for a protein-packed breakfast that's deliciously sweet and healthy? Try this easy recipe for Vanilla Chai Protein Pancakes using Vega One All-In-One Protein Powder.

Blendtec Blenders Do Healthy Soup Recipes Too!

Calling a Blendtec Blender a “blender” is somewhat of a misnomer. While it’s true that it can blend and puree like nobody’s business, it can also knead dough, make ice cream, juice whole fruits, and even grind meat and coffee beans to perfection, which is all pretty impressive for one machine. But wait, there’s more! The Blendtec Designer Series can also turn whole vegetables into warm healthy soup in minutes. That’s right. Prepare your favourite healthy soup recipes right in a blender.

Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day with Grilled Cheese Recipes

National Grilled Cheese Day was on April 12th, and if grilled cheese is one of your favourite comfort foods, you have to try these grilled cheese recipes.

Shelly’s Friday Favourites – Create a ‘worldy’ New Year’s Celebration

New Year’s Eve – for millions of people around the world it’s a time of renewal, when everything old is washed away and there’s nothing but fresh new days ahead. But how do you kick off the New Year in a way that will bring the most peace, prosperity, and happiness to both you and your family?   The answer really depends on where you live.  

Top 5 Christmas Cookies, this week on Shelly’s Friday Favourites

Tis the season to make Christmas cookies! If you aren’t a baker or you’d like a few ideas of what to make, here are my top 5 Christmas cookies.

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