Outdoor kitchen and BBQ essentials

It's BBQ season, and there are some BBQ essentials you may not know about that will help you grill like a true pro this year.

Impress your family with authentic curry chicken with rice

Looking for a new recipe to add to you monthly family dinner rotation? Check out this authentic one for chicken curry, perfect to serve with rice

Back to school – Here’s the top 5 small kitchen appliances...

When I first went off to University, I was pretty surprised at what I didn’t know about living away from home. You know all of those ‘little things’ you get used to having in your kitchen? You have to, for the most part, live without them or stock them yourself. And because dorm rooms are shared and you don’t generally have a kitchen right in your suite of rooms, you have to really pick and choose from all of the kitchen essentials you’re used to having.   If you’re squeezed on space and aren’t quite sure what you’ll really miss from your kitchen at home, here are my top 5 picks for kitchen appliances you need to take to your dorm.  

How to find great gifts for the hostess under $50 at...

Every family or group of friends has that one person who loves to host parties, and there are lots of great gifts for the hostess you can get for under $50 to help them bake, cook, serve, mix, and entertain guests.

Peugeot mills: Salt and pepper mill review

Peugeot mills are timeless for a reason. Each product is classically-designed and well-thought out, with adjustments for personalization.

5 Kitchen Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

What makes up a well-stocked kitchen? I’d have to say it depends the person cooking in it. Although we all have our favourite must-use kitchen gadgets, some people like to use kitchen tools every day that other people may never have heard of. But out of the plethora of cool kitchen gadgets available, there are a few gadgets I think we can all universally agree are absolutely essential to a happy, well-run kitchen.

Cuisinart Classic Collection Stainless Steel Cookware Review

I reviewed the Cuisinart Classic Collection Stainless Steel cookware set and I was impressed with how quick it heats up and how it retained that heat.

Why should you buy a cookware set?

Whether you struggle to cook pasta or fancy yourself the next Master Chef, certain kitchen essentials are required in your pursuit of a home cooked meal. First and foremost, you need a decent set of pots and pans; and while you might be happy with those mismatched relics from the past, or are set on purchasing each new pot and pan separately, there are a number of benefits associated with investing in a full set of cookware.

Kitchen Knife Buying Guide

In a kitchen, cooking really begins with knives. With a decent knife in your drawer, it becomes much easier to prepare food than you can imagine. Cooking should be fun, and when it’s difficult to prepare food, you’re going to skip cooking and order out instead. There is a knife for every task, and when you use a knife designed just for the task you’re taking on, you get through food prep faster and can be more creative in the kitchen. Here’s a quick look at what type of knives are best for specific kitchen tasks.

Instant Pot Slow-Cooked Flank Steak Tacos

Looking for a super simple "dump and go" recipe to feed your hungry family? Here's one for flank steak tacos that I make all the time in my Instant Pot

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