Peugeot mills: Salt and pepper mill review

Peugeot mills are timeless for a reason. Each product is classically-designed and well-thought out, with adjustments for personalization.

Cuisinart Classic Collection Stainless Steel Cookware Review

I reviewed the Cuisinart Classic Collection Stainless Steel cookware set and I was impressed with how quick it heats up and how it retained that heat.

How anyone can benefit from cooking at home

Cooking at home is something everyone should try, and there are so many benefits to home cooking that you've probably never thought of.

Review: Turn anything into pearls with the Spherificator

Before I tried the Spherificator I had no idea you could make caviar from any ingredient. This is one kitchen gadget that’s fun, easy, and really adds flavour to every dish.  

Outdoor kitchen and BBQ essentials

It's BBQ season, and there are some BBQ essentials you may not know about that will help you grill like a true pro this year.

Cookware buying guide

Choosing a set of cookware, the perfect skillet, or a beautiful copper pot is easy when know what you're looking for. Check out all of the cookware available on Best Buy.

OXO Spiralizer, Mandolin, and Smart Seal Container Review

I had fun using the OXO Spiralizer, OXO Mandolin, and the OXO Smart Seal 8 piece glass storage set. Take a look at my review for my thoughts on OXO.

Peugeot Corkscrew review: the Salma and Baltaz

I learned a few years ago that fancy corkscrews exist. But until I tried out these Peugeot corkscrews, I had no idea that they could actually be cool. 

Review: Prepara Herb Savor

I’m a big fan of herbs, especially basil. I grew up in a Persian household and herbs were always served with dinner. Wrapping feta cheese and fresh mint, dill, parsley or basil in warm Persian bread is especially delicious. I could live off that meal and never get tired of it. But I could never figure out how to get my herbs to last for a long time. I turned to Pinterest for a solution, and discovered the Prepara Herb Savor. I then noticed that Best Buy carried it, and asked them to send me a sample of this kitchen gadget to review.      

Back to school – Here’s the top 5 small kitchen appliances...

When I first went off to University, I was pretty surprised at what I didn’t know about living away from home. You know all of those ‘little things’ you get used to having in your kitchen? You have to, for the most part, live without them or stock them yourself. And because dorm rooms are shared and you don’t generally have a kitchen right in your suite of rooms, you have to really pick and choose from all of the kitchen essentials you’re used to having.   If you’re squeezed on space and aren’t quite sure what you’ll really miss from your kitchen at home, here are my top 5 picks for kitchen appliances you need to take to your dorm.  

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