Electric Bike Buying Guide

Considering buying an electric bike? This comprehensive buying guide runs through everything you need to know to select the right one to meet your needs, including the various types of bikes, which suit what type of rider, and features and functions that can benefit you in different ways.

Anti-Theft Travel Accessories and Tips

Learn how to keep your valuables safer on your next trip, with my anti-theft travel accessories and tips.

Great Gifts for the Ultimate Sports Fan!

A number of exciting sporting events are nearly upon us, from the NHL & NBA playoffs, to the start of the Major League Baseball season, to the March Madness 2016 Finals, to Wrestlemania 32! As you can see, there’s truly something for every sporting taste. So if you know someone who’s the ultimate sports fan, here are a few gift ideas that will help to enhance anyone’s enjoyment of their favourite sporting events. Click through and read on for the complete list!

Camping takes planning: how to prepare for your next family camping...

Over the past few years I’ve become a lot smarter about what to pack for a family camping weekend and what not to pack. It all comes down to planning. Take a look at some of the camping gear I bring along when I’m camping with the family.

New Heys Luggage for Summer

 If you’re planning a summer getaway, there’s no better place to look for a new luggage set than right here at Best Buy. And, with the new summer additions, the Heys collection is the biggest one available yet, so there really is something in it for everybody.  

Review: Goal Zero’s Yeti is a great answer to your power...

 No Canadian is immune to the dangers of a good power outage and many of us aren’t really prepared for everything that you need to protect when it happens. Sure you’ve probably got candles sitting around but what do you have to keep power to your electronics? Gas generators aren’t an option for everybody but the Goal Zero Yeti can be. It’s compact, has good battery life and can even recharge itself using solar panels. 

Outdoor fireplaces are a great way to warm up your patio

 There is nothing better than sitting next to a fireplace on a chilly summer night. (Except maybe sitting next to a fireplace on a chilly summer night with a slice of cake, but po-tay-toh, po-tah-to.) Outdoor fireplaces are a great way to add atmosphere and warmth to any outdoor gathering, and they couldn’t be easier to install than they are today.   

Customize Your BBQ with Accessories & Utensils

Are you getting excited about the impending BBQ season? In some parts of the country, it’s already here! So, if you’re thinking of customizing your BBQ with some new accessories & utensils to make the most of the outdoor cooking season, come along with me for a brief overview of a few useful items. Whether you’re new to barbecuing or an experienced veteran, there’s always something new to learn. You might even discover an item or two that you didn’t even know existed! Click through to find out.   

Which type of BBQ is better: Charcoal or gas?

The debate between charcoal and gas, and which is the “better” grilling method, has been raging ever since the first gas BBQ was introduced to the public in the 1960s and shows no signs of slowing down. So how do you choose? Here are some pros and cons of each that will hopefully make your decision a little easier.

Great gear for backpacking light

 The trails are open and it's backpack season again. Can't wait to get out there? Don't worry, you don't have to load up on a lot of big gear to enjoy a weekend of backpacking. Here are a few things you can take along that are lightweight, multi-purpose, and will help you really enjoy a night or two in the great outdoors.

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