Vega One Pumpkin Vanilla Chai Smoothie Recipe

Having serious post-holiday pumpkin pie cravings? Try this healthy smoothie alternative using Vega One All-In-One Protein Powder.

What you should know before buying a treadmill

   I love all kinds of exercise, from running to cycling to shift some iron, but being able to consistently perform any of those things can be challenging. There’s been one piece of equipment that no matter where I’ve lived I’ve always wanted as part of my routine: my treadmill. Adding one to your home can be a great way to a strong baseline to your fitness routine, and getting the right treadmill can be the difference between using it or regretting your purchase. Let’s talk about what you need to know.

FitBit Blaze Fitness Tracker and Smartwatch Review

I’ve been in the FitBit ecosystem for a long time: I started with a Fitbit Flex, upgraded to the FitBit Force, and then went back to my Flex after about a year. Through my FitBit tenure I’ve absolutely loved my FitBit Aria scale. I was excited when the FitBit Blaze was announced; it’s a smart watch-style device that brings some incredible new features to FitBit users. Is it the next generation of must-haves for FitBitters? Read on to find out.

Golf gear you need this season

As you're dusting off the golf bag and inspecting your clubs you're no doubt taking inventory of all your gear. Whether you need a few sleeves of balls, a bag of tees, or perhaps some more serious technology like a GPS watch or a laser rangefinder, we've got some top picks you need to check out.

Fitness tips with Lindsey: getting fit by walking local trails

This week on fitness tips I’m talking about one of my favourite exercises to do outdoors, and that’s walking my local trails. Read on to see the benefits of it and how to stay safe, have fun and get healthy.

Workout Tips to Build Muscle

Building muscle is a term that can be easily misconstrued because automatically the vision of a hulk-size man with bulging muscles and popping veins comes up. In reality, building muscle means increasing the amount of lean tissue–which is associated with longevity and being fit. Though snaking on vegetables and eating a lower carb diet is the majority of what we read and hear, it’s not necessarily the best when it comes to building muscle. Read these workout tips to help you build muscle and preserve your fat-burning capacity!

What is new in wearable tech: Fitbit Alta Overview

Earlier this month, Fitbit announced the launch of the latest addition to its lineup of activity trackers—the Fitbit Alta. Essentially an updated version of the Fitbit Flex wristband, the Alta comes equipped with a number of next-generation Fitbit features, including automatic exercise recognition, on-screen call, text and calendar alerts, and much more.

What Can Wearables Do For Me? I Don’t Exercise

While some believe that wearable devices are exclusively for active individuals – those who run, cycle, swim, and make weekly trips to the gym – that isn’t actually the case. Anyone who cares at all about their health and wellness can benefit from what wearable devices have to offer.

3 great additions for your home gym

Variety is the spice of workout. That’s not quiet how the adage goes, but if you’re looking to achieved a balanced approach to health and fitness, engaging in a rich variety of exercise types can really accelerate your progress. If you’re building your home gym there are four key components that you may want to consider that will help you balance your time working out, making it more fun and better for your body.

De-Stress With Tech: 8 of My Favourite Ways to Wind Down

  As important as technology is in helping us do our jobs, complete school assignments, and communicate with others, we all need to take a step back and relax once in a while. And yes, you can still use technology to do this. Here, you’ll find some of my favourite ways to do so.

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