Exercise bike buying guide

An exercise bike can be a powerful tool to help reach your fitness goals at home. This buying guide helps you decide which exercise bike is right for you.

Elliptical buying guide

Looking for a way to bring a low-impact gym workout right into your home? Take a look at Best Buy's Elliptical Buying Guide.

Hygear Gear 1 portable smart fitness system review

Everything is getting smart including resistance bands. The Hygear Gear 1 smart fitness system is a portable gym you can take anywhere. No more excuses.

Home Gym Buying Guide

Considering setting up a home gym? Here are some suggestions on what you might need to get started, from big machines to workout gear for a smaller setup.

Benefits of different types of Vega Protein

Whether you’re always on the go and could use a little help when it comes to meeting your daily nutrient intake, or are working hard in the gym to achieve your ideal physique, protein powders from Vega can play a big part in helping you meet your goals.

Rowing machines buying guide

Rowing machines don't get the love they deserve when it comes to exercise equipment, but contrary to popular belief, they work many muscles, not just arms!

Enter for a chance to win a new Fitbit Charge 5...

Taking care of your heart health is easier with the kind of insight that the Fitbit Charge 5 prizes we are giving away in this contest can provide

Health and wellness gifts for the fitness fanatic

There are plenty of great high- and low-tech options that help promote health and wellness for the fitness fanatic on your list, or the person who's looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

11 things you need to start working out at home

Getting going with working out at home is exciting, and there are really only a few things you need along with a small shared space to be well on your way.

Why Heart Rate Matters

This article looks at what your heart rate is, why it's important, and ways connected health devices help you capture it continuously.

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